“Seeing The Beauty In Everyday Things” – The Poetic Anthology Debut by Dawn Anderson – Edited by David Ellis

Howdy to you all. (tips hat)

I’m very pleased to announce that my good friend Dawn Anderson has finally realised her publishing dream and created her debut Poetry Anthology.

I have been instrumental in helping her to achieve this vision and it is extremely gratifying for me to have been able to work as Editor on her debut and allow her to take the years of poetry that she has written and craft these pieces exclusively into an Anthology.

If you would like to sample her poetry, you can find many wonderful gems on her blog at Create The Dawn.

All poems in this particular Anthology are exclusive to the collection and have never been published before.

You can buy Dawn’s Anthology on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk (or the European equivalent of your respective country, you lucky people) on either Kindle or in Print Version. The Print version is also exclusive in that it contains a different layout and font to the Kindle version, which will certainly be finding a special place on my shelf!

Seeing The Beauty In Everyday Things by Dawn Anderson

Here are the links to the Print and Kindle Versions:-

US (Amazon.com):- Seeing The Beauty In Everyday Things – US version
UK/Europe (Amazon.co.uk):- Seeing The Beauty In Everyday Things – UK/European version

Finally, if you would like to read other Anthologies and terrific poetry/Short Stories by dear friends of mine that are worthy of your valuable time, check out the links below:-

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The Wait Poetry Anthology – A collection of modern poetry with the proceeds going towards Cancer Research.
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Rosekitn’s Blog – The poetry blog of yet another fabulously talented collaborator by Myss Jaynie Katt. Sensual poetry at its finest.
To Breathe Is To Write – Poetry and prose from the marvellous Jackie P because for her, to breathe is to write.
Northwest Poets – Sculpted Collection – A collection of poetry from contemporary poets in North West England. Please e-mail them for further details of their next print run.
Jules Gemstone Pages – Poetic musings, haikus and delicious prose from Jules Paige at her blog.
Suzy Blue Girl – Poetry & Photography – Sumptuous poetry, prose and photography by Suzy Blue.


8 thoughts on ““Seeing The Beauty In Everyday Things” – The Poetic Anthology Debut by Dawn Anderson – Edited by David Ellis

  1. This is awesome… and I am drunk… so can you maybe remind me to check out stuff when I am not drunk… wait… why are you posting important stuff when I am drunk… what the hell is wrong with you

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