Day 4 – NanoPoblano – “At The Edges Of Perpetual Golden Truths” by David Ellis – A Found Poem Inspired by “Song of Myself (1892 version)” by Walt Whitman

Hello there all you positively fabbo people.

Today, I would like to share with you all the construction of an epic found poem that I have been working on using the legendary poet Walt Whitman as inspiration. His “Song of Myself” poem spans enough words to fill out an entire book!

There are so many diverse verses in his poem that I am thinking it could be revisited again at another time to write other different poems but that is an entirely different train of thought for another day.

Incidentally, creating my poem has actually taken me three whole days, which means that I will be playing catch up with my other NanoPoblano entries, so expect to see more of those very shortly!

Here is the link to the lyrics for “Song of Myself” below, normally I would include them in the post for convenience but since it is such a long read, feel free to follow the link if you want to read the whole thing before enjoying my poem.

Song of Myself (1892 version) by Walt Whitman – POETRY FOUNDATION

Here is an audio version too that I found on YouTube that is very well read by Frank Marcopolos, it clocks in at nearly a whopping two hours:-


And now for your viewing pleasure, here is my found poem based on the epic words of Mr Walt Whitman himself, thanks for reading and hope you enjoy it!

(Also be warned that this is the longest poem that I have every written, clocking in at nearly one hundred lines!)


Photo by bertvthul on Pixabay

“At The Edges Of Perpetual Golden Truths” by David Ellis

Sing for every soul at ease
Observing, hoping, what they are
Nature with original energy

Houses and rooms are full, intoxicate
The atmosphere has taste forever
Undisguised and naked

Echoes, ripples, whispers
The beating of heart
Green dark sea kisses, embraces
Delight, the rush
The feeling of the song of meeting the sun

So long to learn the origin of all things
Through the eyes of either the beginning or the end
Out of substance…identity, distinction
The unseen becomes proof in showing the best from the worst
Knowing every attribute is loving, leaving value

The effect of discoveries, inventions, societies, old and new
Real events compassionating, unitary
Curious what will come next

Music, the hum of a transparent summer morning
Peace and knowledge pass promise
The spirit of creation is love, limitless

A gift means give the same, receive the same
People perceive so many hints about life the moment life is different from birth
And the stars that have smiled for children cannot be shaken away

Heavy hurrahs that receive and return so many echoes
Always vibrating with lightness and glee
Cuts the sparkle joyously outside, assured of friendly, picturesque express
A hundred affections, chances for vast returns that come down to good will
Scattering it freely forever

Wild ride home, removed from the crowd
Musical rain is offering blue and gold beats, tipsy
Surrounded by layers of seasons pursuing each other
Every hue, palpable, yours as much as mine, wherever water is strong

In the same spirit the sea, the murmur of yearning
Reflecting confidence the world over
Like a child’s spirit, to be understood, that is enough
Content whether to take it now or wait without feeling hate
Roots grown out of balance

There is wonder, endless, unfolding, imbuing
Reminders of life untold, of freedom
Turbulent, sensual, surging
Through many voices of generations
The threads that connect the stars

Seeing, hearing, feeling miracles
So luscious, each moment thrills with joy
How friendship satisfies the immense meaning of all things
Happiness, by simply, you do nothing but listen
To the sound of the human voice
A grand opera
Instant flames making a rush for veins
Reaching different sides of best purpose
At the edges of perpetual golden truths

There is a feeling that a grain of sand
Would adorn the narrowest of rocks
Settling in hollows, lying low, respectable
They show their beauty, flexibly moving
Scaling mountains, walking the path
Where gold drops through the dark
Falling like wanting kisses

Earnest words storming chasms
Light enough in which we understand the large hearts of heroes
How changes become inspired
After they show the whole tale
By the light of the moon and stars
Under the colours, serene, the beams of the moon
The breast of darkness
White as a sheet, shining, delicate

On the verge of unending blossoms
Flowing from desire, they flaunt the light
Pining of night and days when
You rise in the morning, alive
And sing freely, discovering special revelations
Here and now, sweeping and final, climax and close

Refreshing wicked thirsts
Where love is plentiful around you
This song is the greatest honouring of the journey
The sea of peace among the past
What is untried cannot fail

The present that is known
Let us strip away the moment
Period and place kept aside in their own influences
What grows greater is limitless knowledge
Of questions you cannot answer

But as soon as you open the gate for your dreams
The dazzle of the light of every moment of your life
Spreads wider than conformity or fear
To ride, to fight from the present hour
You understand to fill up the soul is to show learning of the universe
Be curious about every object
Not in the least the moment you perceive chaos is form, is life
Concentrate toward the day, true as any
You want your good to filter to another, waiting for you


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