Day 9 – NanoPoblano – “A Moment Moonstruck With Love” by David Ellis – A Found Poem Inspired by “The Burden Of Itys” by Oscar Wilde

Hello distinguished guests.

Welcome to Day 9 of my found poetry/blackout poetry marathon for NanoPoblano this month.

For tonight’s found poetry excursion, things are going to get a little wild in here!

(How may you ask? Well, then I’ll tell you. No need to be terribly mysterious if it defeats the purpose and we need to get the kettle on, let’s get moving to the poetry goodness!)

My poetic duet partner in rhyme crime for my own found poem is none other than Oscar Wilde, as we look fondly over one of his own favourite poems (so you know it is going to be something special).

Since Oscar’s poem is fourteen pages of A4 long (not quite as lengthy as “Song of Myself” by Walt Whitman which was fifty-six pages long and which I tackled in a previous post earlier this month but still quite a literary meal all the same), I will not be putting the lyrics below in this post, as to get to my own poem you would have to literally scroll forever! However, I will post a link to where you can read the lyrics below.

“The Burden Of Itys” by Oscar Wilde – lyrics over at Poem Hunter

Feel free to read it at your leisure if you want to enjoy a superb poem stuffed full of sensual imagery, wit and prose by the classic wordsmith Oscar Wilde himself.

So here we go, here comes my found poem based on the magnificent The Burden of Itys, it certainly wasn’t a burden to write this at all and hope you all enjoy it 🙂



Photo by bones64 on Pixabay

“A Moment Moonstruck With Love” by David Ellis

A sea breaking with foam
Sweet and white
Crystal gleaming
Basking in the sun
All green and gold

The wind of the trees, mighty
On which some sapphire is borne
From dark above, ecstasy
Silver in the air

Peace lands, lingering orange afterglow
The moon, crimson, bare
Flame-jewelled fruit sings overhead
On starlit hills
Where the lonely wait to hear
The spring song of sunny gold

To recline far away
Where we too might waste the summer
While beneath us purple silver meadows
By the green water, heavenly, lovely, a rose overgrows

Wanton beauty, lilies mirrored
Spread between orchids meant for the butterfly
Little star flecked with love’s gorgeous gilded kiss

Gossamer, diviner memories
The tangle of drifting imagery
Fed by fires, each passion an amorous call
Wake and think
Once, it was dear jasmine
Faintly blown across the hills at evening
In ravished wonderment

That perfect, soft, gorgeous, mountain wine
Where their strawberries and bloomy plums
Will chase chestnut, velvet-coated waves

For the secret of such wondrous dreams
Of the taste of that pomegranate seed
Down to the charm from vintage truth and gifts
Make beautiful music to heal wounds in our hearts

Lips have kissed marble memory
A moment moonstruck with love
Half in joy and half afraid
A moment more to see
The lusty, voluptuous smile of bliss

It was a dream from revelry, thrilling melody
A human heart, a quality with many a winding path
Light shines out from the shadows
Blossom rapturous, not far away
Play exquisite music one might hear above the pines
Tell each tiny dewdrop to return, not wait


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