NaPoWriMo 2019 – Day 5 – “For Our Kind In Starlight” by David Ellis

Hello there folks.

On to Day 5 of National Poetry Writing Month (not too far behind thank goodness).

The prompt over at NaPoWriMo HQ for Day 5 was to come up with a villanelle poem.

If you too would like to play along then here is the link to the prompt. – Day 5 prompt

This is not the first time that I have written a villanelle, so why not take a look at a previous one that I did here:-

Day Fourteen – NanoPoblano 2017 – Poem/Poetry – “Romantic Spirits Intoxicating Our Senses” by David Ellis

And finally here is my poem, thank you for reading and hope you enjoy it.


Image by Cendrine Marrouat at Cendrine Marrouat Photography

“For Our Kind In Starlight” by David Ellis


Let’s keep the moon awake all night

Allowing the tugging of stars to hammer at our heartstrings

Making romance out of all the noise found in our souls


At peace with the universe, falling head over heels for every little detail

If only you knew there were others like you, it would give you wings

It’s a crime to take a single breath without the right appetite


Whatever you give to people will be returned without fail

You won’t ever be sorry for all the happiness your smile brings

Giving into the beauty all around us, knowing how hidden rainbows too have roles


Make time for the struggle and remember to always let kindness prevail

Yesterday is for dreaming, unwrapping the very core of our musings

The pain of celebration after progression gets easier with foresight


You are always enough, your hope and spirit are bolder than any cocktail

We must never be confined by the depths of our misunderstood endings

Never safe while being restrained, no-one thrives from being kept from the cockpit of their own controls


Save the world by saving yourself from a life that is stale

Show me what you believe in until your heart sings

Paint a picture for our kind in starlight

The power of your rhythm is clear, your face in the clouds as you achieve all your goals

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