NaPoWriMo 2019 – Day 10 – “The Gold Spark In The Dark” by David Ellis – A Found Poem Inspired by “Still Falls The Rain” by Edith Sitwell

Hello there friends.

I’m now working on Day 10 of National Poetry Month and have managed to use the prompt over at NaPoWriMo HQ for Day 10 also, which was to write something based on weather related jargon. – Day 10 prompt

I have therefore selected a poem as inspiration for tonight’s found poem that is based on the weather and gone with Edith Sitwell and her classic poem “Still Falls The Rain”.

You can find the lyrics to the poem here, along with the poem also being read by Edith herself, which is another treat to enjoy.

“Still Falls The Rain” over at The Poetry Archive

And finally here is my own found poem, hope you all like it.



Image by Cendrine Marrouat at Cendrine Marrouat Photography

“The Gold Spark In The Dark” by David Ellis

The sound of the heart

Is changed in the rain

Where hopes breed

At the feet of the night

There, the gold spark in the dark

Still flows from the thirsting heart

The fires of the world

Crown sounds of

A child among beasts

Love my innocent light

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