NaPoWriMo 2019 – Day 23 – “Looking For Something” – A Found Poem Inspired by “The Sandpiper” by Elizabeth Bishop & “To Walk As Though Led” – A Bonus Found Poem Inspired by “The Dusk of Horses” by James Dickey

Hello there friends, a very warm welcome to you all.

For Day 23 of National Poetry Writing Month, I’ve actually managed to write a couple of found poems tonight and since I am such a generous chap, I will share the both with you!

Both of the source poems that I used were kindly provided by the website and you can check out their Day 23 prompt here:- – Day 23 prompt

For my first found poem “Looking For Something”, I used “The Sandpiper” by Elizabeth Bishop as my inspiration. You can find the lyrics to Elizabeth’s poem here:-

“The Sandpiper” by Elizabeth Bishop over at PoemHunter

For my second found poem “To Walk As Though Led”, I used “The Dusk of Horses” as my inspiration by James Dickey. You can find the lyrics to his particular poem here:-

“The Dusk of Horses” by James Dickey over at

And finally, here are my own two found poems, thank you for reading and hope you like them both!


Kawaii, Hawaii, United States

Image by Cendrine Marrouat at Cendrine Marrouat Photography


“Looking For Something” by David Ellis


Roaring alongside takes for granted

That the world is awkward

In a state of controlled panic

Water comes, goes and glazes over

Runs straight through spaces between

Where detail drains rapidly downwards

As the dragging world is vast

Clear, the tide is you preoccupied

Looking for something



“To Walk As Though Led” by David Ellis


Right away

Because something deeper escapes

The dream of following the sun

Over the next dark dawn

And feeding on

Silent years now understood

Awakens the way

To walk as though led

And thus to go under the ancient stars

Quiet and relieved

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