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Welcome to the realm of author David Ellis aka TooFullToWrite.

Got yourself a beverage? No? Then why not get one before we continue.

Got one now? OK then, good.

About time!

(Based on a true story – Viewer discretion is advised).

Once upon a time there was a writer who ate a little bit too much food one day and he felt tired.

On this fateful day, he happened to make a comment in passing to his brother about being a bit stuffed and from this innocent conversation came the birth of the legend that is TooFullToWrite!

And no, I am not overweight but I do have a passion for food!

I am a male writer, podcaster, lyricist, humorist, novelist/author and poet who lives in Tunbridge Wells, England (yes, I am in Blighty and am really a very friendly chap).

I like/love an absolute truck load of things – I coin the term for myself entertainment junkie – films, music, books, TV series, computer games, etc so rather than bore you by listing them all here, feel free to chat to me about stuff on Facebook, Twitter or the chat of your choice!

I appreciate all of your support, your comments mean the world to me.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to write!

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