My Poetic Duets

Hello poetry lovers.

I have provided a list of all of my exclusive parodies, odes and international collaborative poems posted on my blog in this here handy location – feast your eyes below:-

15/04/2016 – A Poetic Duet With A Shade Of Pen – “A Second Shot At Redemption”
5/06/2015 – “Paella Crimes – a Parody of Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke & Pharrell Williams”
25/04/2015 – A Poetic Duet With A Shade Of Pen – “The Sorcery Of Our Story”
12/03/2015 – “An Ode To The Late, Great, Magnificent, Terry Pratchett”
30/09/2014 – A Poetic Duet With JaneyBGood – “Alluring Attire”
5/04/2014 – A Poetic Duet With A Shade Of Pen – “Destiny’s Kiss”
4/04/2014 – “Who Are You Calling A Loon? Let Danny Dyer Teach You A Lesson (Parody)”
29/03/2014 – A Poetic Duet With Pouring My Art Out – “Future Dilemmas”
27/03/2014 – A Poetic Duet With Alex Hicks – “Capturing Rapture”
10/02/2014 – A Poetic Duet With JaneyBGood – “Murdering It On Karaoke Night”
7/02/2014 – A Poetic Duet With A Shade Of Pen – “The Insatiable Saga Of Love”
4/02/2014 – A Poetic Duet With Alex Hicks – “Silhouette Of Distortion”
3/02/2014 – Comedy Haikus In The Style Of Danny Dyer Reflective Haikus
3/02/2014 – A Poetic Duet With JaneyBGood – “Vanquishing Doubt”
5/01/2014 – A Poetic Duet With A Shade Of Pen – “The Burden Of Truth”
1/01/2014 – A Poetic Duet With A Shade of Pen – “A Storm Within”
1/11/2013 – A Poetic Duet With Will Louison – “To Believe Is To Succeed”
19/10/2013 – A Poetic Duet With Hastywords – “Acoustical Tonic”
16/08/2013:- A Poetic Duet With Hastywords – “Destination Destiny”
26/05/2013:- A Poetic Duet With Myss Jaynie Katt – “Citron Dreams”
20/05/2013:- A Poetic Duet With Fortyoneteen – “Sensual Senses”
30/04/2013:- A Poetic Duet With Tammye Honey – “Screen Chemistry”
29/04/2013:- A Poetic Duet With Julianne Victoria – “Shamanic Energy”
28/04/2013:- A Romantic Monday Poem – Poetic Duet With A Mystery Femme Fatale Guest (AKA The Sphinx) – “Think Of England!”
27/04/2013:- A Poetic Duet With Hastywords – “Perfect Imperfections”
21/04/2013:- A Poetic Duet With Tammye Honey – “Hitting The Right Flavor Notes”
21/04/2013:- A Poetic Duet With Fortyoneteen – “Unique Pearls”
18/04/2013:- A Poetic Duet With Edward Hotspur – “Spiritual Raindrops”
12/04/2013:- A Poetic Duet Using Twitter With Myss Jaynie Kat – “A Touching Moment”
11/04/2013:- A Poetic Duet With Hastywords – “Equestrian Maidens”
7/04/2013:- A Poetic Duet With Pouring My Art Out – “Through The Blogging Glass”
6/04/2013:- A Poetic Duet With Julianne Victoria – “The Star Within”
5/04/2013:- A Cinquain – “A Whisper Becomes A Roar”
30/03/2013:- A Poetic Duet With Hastywords – “Seductive Nature”
25/02/2013:- Daily Prompt – Undo – “Rock & Roll It All The Way Back” (An Online Musical)


23 thoughts on “My Poetic Duets

    • Fantastic Mary – glad you liked them!

      I have such a huge love of haikus, I nearly jumped for joy when they did one in an episode of the TV series Charmed (Lost & Bound, Season 4, ep 12 – I had to just look it up now), that was one of my favourite episodes!

      I haven’t written any in a while but must write some more, to me they come as easy as song lyrics.

      I am enjoying your style of poetry very much indeed – I did have an “Ah-ha!” moment when I saw that you mentioned that you write in a song style – such a wealth of lovingly crafted words for me to feast on.

      I can see that they are very punchy, emotional, clever and could easily be at home alongside an instrument or read out loud with a glass of wine 🙂

      I’ll leave you with a haiku then:-

      Talented Mary
      Writes beautiful poetry
      She has a big heart

      Thanks for stopping by – look forward to enjoying more of your work.


      • Thank you so much! You are so kind! I love the Haiku just for me 🙂 Do you mind if I re-post it on my blog with a link to yours? And congratulations on the episode of Charmed, that is a wonderful accomplishment! I am going to look up the episode and watch it 🙂

      • Hi there Mary – so glad you liked it.

        Of course you may repost it – I’d be flattered if you did 🙂

        BTW I had nothing to do with the haiku in the Charmed episode (Oh boy, do I wish that I did!), I just mentioned it because it stayed in my mind how funny and creative the episode was to deviate from their usual rhyme telling spellcasting to use a haiku instead!

        I am getting involved with all types of writing, including Scriptwriting and Novel writing, so who knows if one day I will pen an excellent piece of television/film that goes public. I guess for now I have to be content with building my reputation with my Flash Fiction, Short Stories, Poetry and hopefully some new music in the future.

        How about another haiku for you:-

        Mary loves haikus
        Like drops of dew they sparkle
        They nourish the soul

        Hope you like that one too 🙂


  1. Snagged me by the title of your blog from TheWeeklyDay…
    (I think it’s nice sometimes to know where others find us!).

    I like various Japanese American Style poetry (the guys and gals in societies that can’t breath properly – noses to high in the air worrying about what is a real rule – I’d never belong to those places) which does follow syllable counts because as I understand it true Japanese haiku does not) …have found some new forms you might enjoy including Lunes, tau ku and pi ku – I have page on my site explaining them.

    You might also enjoy the Elfje – that’s got an explanation page too. 🙂

    Anyway – keep writing! I enjoyed the two pieces I read and think I’ll add you to my favorites list and come back and set a spell…when I’m able.

    • Thanks for the great comments Jules – nice of you to take the time to send me a message.

      I will definitely take a look at those different forms of poetry – I’m following your blog now, look forward to reading and enjoying your work.

      As a song lyricist, I have always admired rhythm and rhyme in words, along with form and poetry is something that I am trying to do more of now, along with my other writing projects.

      I appreciate you stopping by – stay tuned for more entertaining content every week!


      • Honored. (*blush, blush*) – I used to make up my own lullabies for my children. Words are a comfort to me – but otherwise I’m not musically inclined, don’t play an instrument and haven’t even recorded the tunes which I guess I should do.

        Any particular day you post? I’ve got too much coming into my in-box… (I’m still after about two years, new to blogging and not at all computer savvy). But I’d like to stop by your place now and again to visit.

        Do I click on the photo of stones to get to your poetry? I’ll have to try that. I often draw inspiration from other writers. I have another blog where I write longer verse. A few folks have liked this latest piece so I’ll use it as a link to get you there;
        Cheers, Jules

      • Hi Jules – thanks for sending me the link to your bigger blog, very intriguing.

        Yes, always record your music, you don’t know who will be listening to it further down the line!

        I’m like you, I like to be inspired by other people too, it allows me to enjoy their work more thoroughly.

        I usually try to post on a Monday, although I’ve started writing poetry on Thursdays – I work full time at the moment so there can be the odd week where I have to move the post to the following day. If you want to save time then I would try checking on a Thursday/Friday, then you may be able to read two previous posts instead of coming back on separate days. Maybe one day in the future I will post something every day but not right now!

        Hope you continue to enjoy the show and I will look at your blog regularly when time permits.

        Have a great day.


  2. Welcome! Thank you for subscribing to follow my blog. I hope you are encouraged, inspired and enjoy the photos I take of life’s events as seen through the lens of my camera.

  3. I like your haiku poems. I’ve never written haiku. The one about the eighties bands cracked me up. Yes, their hair was bad, but music awesome. (My younger son likes Bon Jovi and Guns and Roses. Yay!)

    • Thank you for the compliments Janna and for stopping by. I have a great love of a lot of stuff from the eighties, mostly movies and music. I’ve seen your pets on your blog and they are the cutest things in the world, they’re lovely! Look forward to enjoying and commenting on your work in the near future.

    • Hi there Ronn, thank you for your kind compliment, it is very much appreciated.

      I do not have an official website, my blog is the only thing out there at the moment with my material. This includes Poetry and Short Stories. I write new ones every week, so enjoy the show!


  4. You’re very brave to write collaboratively. I let people suggest topics but I never know when I’m going to fit the writing in. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    • Thank you – so far it’s been the best thing I’ve ever tried in my life and I’ve had no complaints so far – the results are stupendous and have so many differences, it let’s you explore so many styles within the art form. We should do one too – I must read your poetry then and see what kind of theme you might want to explore with me!

  5. Was just trying to clean up my email files when I found a note that you are following me at 1sojournal. I also have a poetry blog located here:
    I read your about page and think we have quite a bit in common. I’m a retired writing instructor, write both prose and poetry, love tv series, and tons of other things as well. But, I also do some art, and use it to enhance what I write. Thanks for the follow and I’ll be stopping back in, on occasion,


    • Hey there Elizabeth. I’m subscribed to both your blogs, so you can bet you bottom dollar that I will be checking both of them out thoroughly 🙂 I’m sure we have a lot to enjoy from each other if you can deal with my manic sense of humor 🙂

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