PoArtMo 2020

Want to know more about PoArtMo? It stands for two things: Positive Art Month and Positive Art Moves.

  • Positive Art Month is a month dedicated to positive art. Every June, artists around the world are invited to create and celebrate positive art for 30 days. It can be absolutely anything art related: photography, poetry, short stories, sculptures, drawings, theatre, etc.
  • Positive Art Moves celebrates positivity and inspiration in art all year long.

PoArtMo is open to hobbyist, amateur and professional artists. Artists interested in participating in PoArtMo can do so by heading to this link to find out more, along with submissions opportunities for a PoArtMo Anthology too:-

PoArtMo – how to participate and find out more

Furthermore, I am using a new poetry form called “The Kindku”. This is a brand new form created by Auroras & Blossoms and you can can find out more about this poetry style here:-

The Kindku Poetry Form – how to write it