Motivational / Inspirational Writing Advice

A few words about Ollin Morales. I stumbled across his Blog Page and it was a breath of fresh air for me. Ollin writes very good motivational blog posts to help you get through the writing process and improve your own writing.

If you are looking for a good place to find inspirational writing to assist you then I urge you take delve further into his world:-

Ollin Morales Blog

For free Motivational/Inspirational information on writing then click on the link below that contains a comprehensive list of Motivational/Inspirational Blogs, websites, techniques and ideas from a vast variety of people/resources:-

100 Inspirational posts to make you a better writer


3 thoughts on “Motivational / Inspirational Writing Advice

  1. Wow, that link is too good. I was thinking of just the thing when I found it while browsing your posts. Talk about coincidence.


    • Hey there Vin, you are extremely welcome! I have just fixed the link to Ollin’s blog too, so you may find some inspirational writing over at his blog, he has been a great inspiration to me over the years. I also look forward to linking your NaPoWriMo poems to mine soon and giving them a good read 🙂 I’m in the process of gathering other poem links but you will no doubt get some link requests within the next few days. NaPoWriMo may be over but we can still help promote each others work 😉

      • I didn’t get time to go to Ollin’s blog earlier. But now that I did, I understand what you meant by him being an inspiration. I only read a few posts and it had been quite good. And sure, we can link the NaPoWriMo poems.

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