Daily Prompt – Whoa! – Flash Fiction / Short Story – “Give The Lad An Oscar”

Daily Prompt – Whoa!
by Michelle W. on February 11, 2013

What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had?

Good day to you all.

I found this prompt a bit difficult to relate to personally because it has been noted in the past that I am often in my own fantasy world most of the time anyway.

As a writer, I tend to mix fact with fiction all the time, thereby coating all experiences in a surreal ambiance.

So, may I present to you today’s story, inspired by the prompt of surreality and how we interact with the world.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the woods with Tinkerbell and all of the other creatures of the magic forest, while we fly on a rocketship made of Stilton (not Gorgonzola – that would be both stupid and smelly). If that’s not surreal enough for you then this will flip your wig cousin – we’re having jelly and ice cream too – Whoa! Far out!*

*Somebody get this guy a TV Show! Or a straitjacket!

What a performance – now, on with the show.


Give The Lad An Oscar (by David Ellis)

Oscar glanced at the snorting horse, its mad eyes terrifying, ablaze.

It was heading straight for him.

He blinked and rubbed his eyes. Could he be imagining it? Was this some kind of ghostly mirage?


It was thundering towards him with the speed of a runaway freight train.

“What can I do?” He trembled to himself. He had never experienced fear like this before, raw, deep, his leg tremoring and spasming as adrenaline jolts bolted down into his overstimulated legs, freezing them until they felt filled with concrete.

“I could try to run but my legs just won’t move, they’re glued to the spot.”

He felt like he was in a dream world – nowhere to hide, all he could do was crouch in a fetal position, cowering in anticipation, hoping for a miracle.

The beast beared down on him, closing in, all hooves and teeth and legs, hundreds of legs. Oscar hugged himself, bracing for the worse.

And then in an instant, the horse was gone, galloping past him, a gradually fading silhouette against the horizon.

Oscar gulped. “That was close, almost too close.”

He got up and was startled to see something else. He could just about make it out in the fog. He hadn’t seen him for several days but now he could clearly make him out.

His brother.

Oscar’s heart skipped several beats.

“Oh brother, where art thou?” He whispered.

His brother was a playful sort, mimicking his every movement. Oscar reached out to touch his hand and it felt cold, clammy, his stare glassy-eyed but focused intently on Oscar.

His brother never said anything, always remaining silent, withdrawn, passive.

“So this is what loneliness must feel like” Oscar pondered.

Suddenly one of the big giants in the room yelled at him.

“Stop staring at that Oscar! It’s broken again, staring at it won’t fix it!”

“Silly old woman thought Oscar, how cruel it is to keep my brother in a box.”

I’ll keep watching and maybe one day I will be able to set him free when she’s not looking – these giant people can’t watch us all of the time.

Oscar smiled and his brother smiled back at him.

“I’ll save you buddy, just you wait and see.”


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7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – Whoa! – Flash Fiction / Short Story – “Give The Lad An Oscar”

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  2. Reblogged this on nevercryoverspilledmilk and commented:
    The most surreal experience I have had in my life is when I had to go in for major back surgery for the 2nd time. Let me tell you it didn’t hit me until the night before that I didn’t have anything set in stone for my children, especially my youngest who at the time was only 6 months old. Sure realistically my oldest would likely go to her fathers when all said and done if something bad were to happen but come on lets me honest, I was a nervous wreck the night before. It all hit me like a sack of rocks hard and stuck with me thru the night up until I open my eyes and asked if it was all over. I mean come on, my baby where was she to go, she would never see her only sister and would her sister be able to know where she was going, would her dad make sure of that. With the track record we have I wouldn’t count on it. So here I sat in my bedroom with no one around and that’s all I thought about. Finally, the moment of truth came and I opened my eyes and I was ok, In pain but ok…..

    Kelly lynn

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