A Wordy Vote #3

Attention to all you wonderful gals and guys who enjoy poetry. You have until midnight EST tonight (Saturday 13th December) to vote for your favourite poem over at The Reverie. I have a piece there called “Naked As The Sun”, so if you like it please vote for me!

The Reverie

We had a lot of responses this week! You all must really have enjoyed playing around with Hasty’s words. I wanted to give her a big thank you: one) for writing an amazing book of poetry, but two) for letting me use it to make a prompt.

If you haven’t checked out her book, take a moment to give it a peek, here.

And get to reading all the awesome entries this week!

Remember, voting lasts until midnight EST and the winner(s) will be featured tomorrow at 10:00am!

Thanks for a wonderful week and we’ll see you next Monday for anew prompt.

Dystopian by Vlad Teodor Petcu

Cavernous by Shilyot

Wicked Lies by Adam

Harlequin by Ranting Crow

Her Shame by The Aging Sub

Redemption by Scott

The Storm Rages by Billygoat Gruff (in the comments)

Across Crooked Miles by Sean Bidd

Naked as the Sun

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