Poem / Poetry – “Naked As The Sun”

Good evening to you all, you bunch of inquisitive heroes.

I’m jumping in on another prompt over at The Reverie Journal today because Wordle Prompts are one of my favourites and I enjoy the challenge of trying to incorporate all of the words into a coherent piece (especially when I’ve had a few drinks).

The words I’ve used were derived from a book of poetry by a very good friend and collaborator of mine – you can purchase her book “Depression’s Dance” here (along with her debut “Darker Side of Night”, if you want poetry to blow your mind and butts to kingdom come):-

Depression's Dance by HastyWords

So I hope you enjoy my poem and feel free to comment below you crazy cats!

Wordle made by The Reverie Journal

Wordle Me This – A Poetic Prompt from The Reverie Journal


“Naked As The Sun” by David Ellis

A storm brews ominously from within,
rumbling beneath anxious, pulsating veins
Lurking, bubbling, it writhes,
hungry for action, hotwiring synapses in my mind

Reminding me of muscle memory,
bones infused with ancestral coping techniques
Caverns where once complete darkness was a thief,
now radiate only fiery light

Any vestige remaining of a harrowing past
is replaced with prestige of the future
Finding redemption lies in the heart
of leaving behind things making you bitter

For all of the lines that we draw in the sand,
defining each of us as woman or man
If we cross them without caution,
we can be left exposed, as naked as the sun

Giving up your mind, body and soul
to rapture’s tenderly romantic yet greedy embrace
Rampant consumption is quite common
when it’s all or nothing, whatever the stakes

A liar to yourself if you don’t appreciate
that devotion takes a significant toll
Although every gesture is a raw revival
of exhilaration, intoxication, it enthrals

When you lose yourself to the noise,
succumbing to the seductive beat from inside
Take care, don’t forget,
you’re a person with feelings and goals in your own right

Nothing is more charming than who you are
or fighting for what you believe in
Be selfless in your acts of compassion
people won’t see a defenceless person
Love’s bond becomes stronger,
with passion and dedication it can never be broken


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