Flash Fiction / Short Story – “Colour It In”

Howdy folks.

Got another Flash Fiction Story for you. This little gem came fourth in a competition that usually has between 30 and 40 entrants every week.

The theme for the story was ‘Sometime’ and I have included the comment that it received on submission at the end.

Please let me know what you think of it, it is one of my favourites so far.


Colour It In (by David Ellis)

“There is a story that rips across the very fabric of time and space.

Of rainbows that leave their scars across the mind’s eye of the sky.

Sometimes the world grows up to listen to this story.

Sometimes the story is ignored.

But the story is a living, breathing, beast of a thing.

It bucks and thrusts and changes with the wind, changes in a heartbeat.

It consumes those who do not respect its power, strikes fear into the hearts of mortal man/woman and sends electricity down the spines and souls that it consumes.

Sometimes you can dine on its opulence with the starkest clarity you have ever experienced in your life.

Sometimes you can wallow in the pity, self loathing and gnarlment of discovery that it puts you through.

But if you give it time, let it creep insidiously into your life, filling your lungs with the joy, fear, hope and wonderment that it can bring, you can indulge in a power that is stronger than the love of a thousand lifetimes.

You just have to let the right one into your life and everything changes.

Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse but always for the greater good of your being.”

Comments on submission:- “Colour It In – ‘Sometimes you can dine on its opulence with the starkest clarity.’ Flowed like a good speech. Unique, with unusual subject matter. Clever pre-empting from writer to reader. Came 4th”


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