Flash Fiction / Short Story – “How a Young Heart Feels”

This is a love story.

A love story like no other.

After you read it, you will laugh.

You will cry.

You will find redemption.

But above all – if you’ve never experienced it, you will finally know what love is.

And if you already knew this feeling then prepare to be reminded.

Go now and enjoy the fruit of my loins – you’ve earned it.

Oh and if feel like commenting then much love to you too – hope you like it.


How A Young Heart Feels (by David Ellis)

Not long now until they arrive.

I hold her hand and look into her eyes.

They’re smiling back at me.

They always smile back at me.

They twinkle and sparkle and shimmer like jewels hammered into limpid lagoon like pools of dreaminess.

I wonder what life will be like without her.

The sleepless nights, the lack of her warmth to comfort me, the taste of her tongue on my lips.

It’s the compliments that I like to hear the most when we are out together.

Everyone often remarks on how stunningly gorgeous she is and how well suited we are to each other.

And now it all has to come to an end.

I remember when I first met her.

The sun was shining down on my weary head and I needed to rest.

It was then that we locked eyes together on that fateful day on the park bench.

She scared the pigeons away and then looked at me quizzically.

We sat down together, enjoying each other’s company but when it was time to leave, she didn’t want me to leave without her.

We took a long walk together, taking in the exciting, sights and smells of the vibrant city and it was such a memorable day that I was fearful for it to end.

Since then, we had enjoyed the pleasure of each other’s company many a time, sitting together and watching children play in the park, cuddling each other, moonlit walks – our time spent together has been magical.

But then one day the telephone rang.

I watched her all the time the conversation took place and she kept nodding her head every so often but even she had trouble taking it in and started wandering around the house.

And the news was devastating, truly devastating.

I guess I knew that in my heart of hearts we could never be together forever.

A car draws up outside the house – my heart is in my mouth and can feel the tears welling up.

I open the door and standing there are her parents.

They want her back and I have to give them to her.

There is no song and dance about it, it simply has to be done or I myself could find myself in hot water.

As she climbs into the car, she turns around and gives me one more soulful look that pierces me to my very core.

I wave at her and then she turns around.

And the final image that I see of her before they take her, this ray of sunshine, this angel of hope, this queen of all that is good and decent is her tail wagging softly against the car window.

And they called it puppy love.


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