Flash Fiction / Short Story – “Searching for Paradise Lost”

Today’s piece for my blog has been brought to you fun loving people by the number 250 (I was tasked to write a 250 word piece and it is exactly 250 words excluding the title).

It is also brought to you by the letters F, S, P & L.

It is not about banking or budgeting in any way whatsoever.

Please feel free to comment as always.



Searching For Paradise Lost (by David Ellis)

It was the ring.

I had been ignoring all the other signs at first but this had been the clincher.

I needed a drink. Something strong to cut through the pain.

To think, less than five hours ago, I was struggling to find a babysitter for Beth & Tommy.

Sometimes you question what pitfalls and pratfalls you are going to encounter when you are raising a family alone because the deadbeat Dad takes off with some young strumpet half his age.

Dammit, I needed at least two drinks to take the edge off and that’s a lot for someone who doesn’t drink that often.

I’d let my hair down once a month with the girls from the hotel that I clean at.

Never met a man at one of these “sinfests” (as Julie at work likes to call them) and then somebody had the bright idea to tell me to go speed-dating.

“It’s lame, I don’t want to go!” I lamented but I knew that arguing with the girls was not going to get me anywhere, such was their will and strong resolve.

They kept me on track through the divorce, that’s why they were my friends.

God, I had missed her for so long, I had pretty much given up hope in finding her.

But I never forgot the Butterfly signet ring Daddy gave her – now that I’ve found her again, I’m never letting her go.

Then the bell goes and I’m alone again, forever.

Damn you, Mother.


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