NaPoWriMo – Poem / Poetry – “Wasted Days”

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

Welcome to National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) Day 26 – let’s rock!

For today’s prompt, here is the official website link:-

NaPoWriMo Day 26 – this is how I get my kicks

Once again, I have strayed from the norm to do my own thing, which I perceive to have a rock song / romantic longing vibe to it (it’s all poetry until it’s put to music).

So I hope you enjoy it and thank you for reading it.

Author Takkk

“Wasted Days” by David Ellis

Well, it’s such a useless waste
As the rain pours down your face
Obscuring messages
That disappear down the drain

A fish out of water
In a foreign town, across the border
There’s so many words and gestures
That go unanswered
Whispered blindly into the wind

I cannot help but be entranced
As smiles play across your sweet lips
Courage is in such short supply
When your gorgeous gaze hits my eyes

My heart, I know that it can’t cope
When you sit so close
My stomach
Spins and somersaults
A daredevil out of control

Yet, I find a will of iron within
To take you gently by the hand
All these tears that you’ve been crying
The rain washes them all away

In the past
You’ve been hurt
That was then
They were all idiots

To take a chance
To trust someone
The hardest thing
That can be done

But these wasted days
Can’t go on
The past is behind us
Long forgotten
Live for now
Can’t you see
Set yourself free
Take a chance on me
Some day
Some day
Some day

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16 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo – Poem / Poetry – “Wasted Days”

    • Thank you so much Jackie 🙂 At the moment, the lucky lady is me muse (or as I like to call her ‘Ol Betsy’, like the mule) but I have a lot of love to give and go round, so I’m sure there will be someone special in my life at some point.

      • Well you keep writing stuff like you do and you’ll have lots of ladies looking your way. Women love a man who is romantic.
        Ol’ Betsy would fit my mule of a muse too. LOL

      • Lol 🙂 I used to have an old car that I called Ol Betsy, it would always crack my friends up when they used to ask who that was and I pointed at my car and said “It’s me mule! “

  1. I can here the music to this in my head – beautiful words – and a generous courageous heart that is filled with compassion and love. I do hope you find your special someone – because you are such a poet – a heart of gold.

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