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May I present to you all the very prolific, talented and award winning multi-genre author Marie Lavender, as she talks to us about her previously published works, her amazing work ethic, her latest book that hits the shelves mid-November and we also squeeze in some chat about writing advice.

Have a great evening and thanks for reading.


Hi there Marie, thank you spending some quality time with us today and for being our distinguished guest.

Let’s start with your books. You have now racked up twenty-two and counting, along with many awards along the way! This is a phenomenal achievement and you should be very proud of yourself, you are a prolific hero in the making. You have published these books under several pen names in the genres of historical romance, contemporary romance, romantic suspense, paranormal romance, fantasy, science fiction, mystery/thriller, literary fiction and poetry too. Do you tend to write multiple books at the same time or do you focus on one to completion and then move on to the next one? It would be fascinating to find out more about your processes and your philosophies when it comes to being a multi-genre author, so please elaborate further, we are all ears!

Wow! Thank you for your kind praise. 🙂 I guess I never intended to be a multi-genre author. I simply stumbled into it by accident. The muse has its own ideas. But to answer your question, I do a bit of both actually. I tend to find myself distracted by many different stories, and at some point, I just make myself focus on one in order to complete it. Once I’m ready to launch into that project, I work on it in my free time, either by writing the scenes or chapters left or researching different topics which tie into the project.

As for how I stay a multi-genre author, eventually I just decided not to worry about pinning stories down and I let the characters do what they’re supposed to do. Of course, I may have a general idea of what category the novel is, but I also allow the story to play out, and when it’s finished, that’s a good point to start worrying about where it should fit genre-wise. I often get surprised by how the story turns out. Last year, I actually wrote and published a children’s fantasy, something I’d never done before. That was certainly a unique experience.

You also mentioned to me that you have a new book coming out in mid-November called “Blue Vision.” It appears to be a Sci-Fi romance offering that has a potentially bleak outcome on the horizon of an antagonist hell bent on harming our lovers and the world that they hold dear. What kind of story arc can we expect from your lead protagonists Brooke Sanders and Colin Fielding, as their adventure unfolds bringing them closer together amidst the crisis that they both face?

Well, I don’t want to give too much away. Let’s just say Brooke encounters Colin in a forest in the middle of winter. He has some unique characteristics compared to other humans. Suffice it to say there’s a lot of mystery involved here and Brooke finds herself entangled in some perilous circumstances she never thought were possible.

Finally in relation to your published works, I notice that in addition to your own published books, you have contributed to several anthologies. How did these collaborations come about? Did you fancy broadening your horizons by publishing in collections with others or is this because you had stories that you were unable to incorporate under your existing pen names?

I stumbled into those as well. I became a part of this writing community, PnPAuthors, and they were running some writing contests. I began submitting some of my poetry and a couple of stories. Luckily enough, I ended up in quite a few of their anthologies, and one romantic poem, titled “Lovers Like Us”, was a featured winner and on the first page of Poets & Writers in Action. Because of that, you’ll see my name listed on the book cover. I also got involved in one more anthology by another group, so I wrote a story called Second Chance Heart for it. Unfortunately, the project fell through. On the upside, I ended up releasing it on my own in October of last year.

What do you find the most difficult thing about writing? And what do you find the easiest?

I think plotting everything out can be challenging. I don’t exactly like to box myself in, and writing as a pantster is more comfortable for me. Also, some action scenes can be difficult at times because you must ensure that it makes sense in reality. When I wrote about duels in my historical romance series, I studied up and watched a lot of YouTube videos about fencing.


Who are some of the authors in general that inspire you?

I have many favorite authors, but I tend to be heavily inspired by authors who aren’t afraid to go against genre expectations. They tell it like it is for a character instead of toeing the line. They take risks, and it’s often rewarding. A few specific author names I can give you are Nora Roberts, Linda Lee Williams and Kris Tualla. I respect what they’ve done with their fiction, and I hope I can always be so courageous in my own writing.

What sort of research do you do to write your books?

Well, I do a lot of online research. But I’m picky about my sources. I want them to be legitimate. Sometimes I do research at the library, or buy a book related to the topic at hand. I research specific cities where the story is located, and I find points of interest which relate to the tale. If I’m writing a historical novel, I want it to be as authentic to the time period as possible, so I research all aspects of the experience – speech patterns, entertainment, historical events, fashion – anything that will flesh out the picture playing out on the page. I even try to find journal or diary entries from that year or surrounding years in which people talked about life then. I really try to capture the way it was.


Why do you write? What inspired you to become a writer?

I guess I was always obsessed with the written word. I would comb through bookshelves anywhere I saw them. I was fascinated by all the stories I found. But, always, ever since I was a child, tales were playing out in my head. It just made sense to write them down whenever I could, to create a clean slate for an all new bunch of wild stories.

What keeps you motivated during creative slumps? How do you deal with Writers Block?

I really just try to give myself a break. But you’re your own worst critic, right? I just try to keep my mind off the project at hand, take a rest, and if the story calls to me again, I’ll get back into it. It also doesn’t hurt to use writing exercises or work on a different story entirely.

You have access to a time machine. What advice would you give to your younger self?

Oh my God…please be patient! This virtue will save you over and over again.


How do you spend your free time when you are not writing?

I read a lot, or I spend quality time with my fiancé. We hang out and watch movies. I enjoy cooking meals too. And I’m kind of a shopping freak, so keeping credit cards away from me is probably a good idea. LOL.

Tell us more about your upcoming projects. Are you working on anything specific or have plans in the pipeline?

It seems like I always have something planned. I have a historical romance/family saga, Upon Your Love, which is also book three of the Heiresses in Love Series, and that novel is currently with the editor at my publisher. So, I hope to see that out sometime in early 2017. And right now, I’m doing my author edits of a contemporary romance/romantic drama collection titled Directions of the Heart. It should be ready for beta readers soon! Early next year, I hope to finish up a paranormal thriller collection called Awakening. Additionally, I plan on finishing Blood Instincts, a paranormal romance/urban fantasy and book two of the Blood at First Sight Series. I’m currently 72,000 words into it. So…yep, I have a lot going on!

Finally, are there any nuggets of wisdom that you can impart to other aspiring writers?

Sure. What I often suggest is persistence and perseverance. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Don’t be afraid to go after your dreams with a full heart. And never, ever give up. Only you’ll be disappointed if you quit, and do you really want all those naysayers to win? Write, not for money or fame, but because you can’t imagine doing anything else for the rest of your life. I know you can do it, and I wish you a ton of success!

And that’s a wrap! Thank you for allowing us to spend time with you Marie, we can’t wait to delve more into the worlds of your books 🙂



Bestselling multi-genre author of “UPON YOUR RETURN” and 21 other books. March 2016 Empress of the Universe title – winner of the “Broken Heart” themed contest and the “I Love You” themed contest on Poetry Universe. “SECOND CHANCE HEART” and “A LITTLE MAGICK” placed in the TOP 10 on the 2015 P&E Readers’ Poll. Nominated in the TRR Readers’ Choice Awards for Winter 2015. Poetry winner of the 2015 PnPAuthors Contest. The Versatile Blogger Award for 2015. Honorable Mention in the 2014 BTS Red Carpet Book Awards. Finalist and Runner-up in the 2014 MARSocial’s Author of the Year Competition. Honorable mention in the January 2014 Reader’s Choice Award. Liebster Blogger Award for 2013 and 2014. Top 10 Authors on Winner of the Great One Liners Contest on the Directory of Published Authors.

Marie Lavender lives in the Midwest with her family and three cats. She has been writing for over twenty years. She has more works in progress than she can count on two hands. Since 2010, Marie has published 22 books in the genres of historical romance, contemporary romance, romantic suspense, paranormal romance, fantasy, mystery/thriller, literary fiction and poetry. She has also contributed to several anthologies. Her current series are The Heiresses in Love Series, The Magick Series, The Code of Endhivar Series and The Blood at First Sight Series.

Blurb for Blue Vision (Marie’s latest book to be released November 15, 2016)

“Brooke Sanders just wants to get away from her life for awhile. A remote cabin in Montana fits the bill. She doesn’t expect to encounter a mysterious stranger with unusual blue eyes, or events that cannot be explained…

Colin Fielding is on a mission – scout a planet and return home to Endhivar. Simple really. What he doesn’t anticipate is that fate has a pretty twisted sense of humor. Suddenly, this human calls to him, every part of him, like the call of a true mate, and he can’t deny the connection as he gets closer to her.

Little do they know, someone is out to do them harm, as well as the world Brooke holds so dear. Can they stop what’s coming before it’s too late? Or will the universe lose a perfect gem?”

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