I was knocked for six with this poem and felt compelled to share it with you all. It is ornately beautiful and like a million firecrackers going off all at once. My friend Briton has blown me away and I’m sure he will do the same to you too.

I would like to write an epic
Heralded on the street
From lips of bards
Laid at king’s feet

I woke up in the wrong era
There is tapping of keyboards
The pen is an ancient weapon
When we are all digitalized sensations

I come from an era where we blame
The kids cry
While we politically correct our feelings

We’ve got the drugs all right
The antidepressants fall down our throats
Like water down the sink

Lock me up
I will say it
Lock me up

I am simple man
Time traveler
From a day and age
When broken people’s beauty shined through
In Mona Lisa
And buildings too

Well cast me off
I am but simple man
I choose to skirt the lines of simplicity
Like a meek monk
Or beggar on the streets

I do not have the education
To use the words of provocation


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