Author Interview – Michael Marrotti – Author & Poet – F.D.A. Approved Poetry

Hey there everyone, great to see you all again.

For tonight’s guest in the Author Interview series, please welcome author and poet Michael Marrotti, as he speaks to us about his writing, influences and gives us an insight into how he crafts his poetic pieces.

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Hi there Michael, fantastic to have you over here with us today to chat about your poetry.

Hello, David. I appreciate the time!

Let’s start with your debut book “F.D.A. Approved Poetry”. Please tell us more about the background behind the collection and the themes you have focused on, your specific inspirations and your relationship with the pieces you have created.

This is my debut chapbook. The poems included in this collection are about cheating life, eccentricities and the will to persist when all other options are futile. The everyday existence of a man living with a chemical imbalance, is a life that eludes normalcy. This book could be used as a hedonistic handbook or as a tool to enlighten people into the life of a hedonist as well. Addiction, pain and pleasure play a big role in this little black book. Either way, it’s an informative read that offers plenty of entertainment value.


What does it mean to you personally being a poet? How do you feel that this influences how you see and interact with the world around you?

In a sense it means I belong to a marginalized group of writers who are faithful to a dying art form. It also has my mind working around the clock. Each social observation I make is a potential piece of poetry. A simple trolley ride to Dormont could result in the conception of two or three poems.

What do you find the most difficult thing about writing? And what do you find the easiest?

I’d say the most difficult thing about writing is simply completing the poem.

Usually I find myself revising, and ‘re-reading’ the poem fifteen times in the midst of a few hours. Sometimes this results in headaches, where the bottle of Tylenol is smothered in my fingerprints. The end result is usually worth the time, though.

Finishing a noteworthy piece of poetry is like watching Broadway Danny Rose for the hundredth time. It’s always a worthwhile, pleasant experience.

I’d say the easiest part is merely coming up with the concept.

Who are some of the authors and historical figures that inspire you?

Recently I’ve been blown away by the writing of Elizabeth Kirschner. Her poetry book entitled My Life As A Doll is the best collection of poetry I’ve read so far. This woman can write! Then of course there’s Bukowski, Camus, Palahniuk, Hemingway, King and a newer author, Richard Lange.

Historically I’ve been inspired by Mussolini, Hitler, Malcolm X, Castro, Martin Luther King Jr, the Borgia’s, Nero, Tiberius, the struggle of the chosen people, and countless others.

What sort of research do you do to write your books?

I have life experiences, and use both the positive, but mostly the negative as a muse for my creativity.

Why do you write? What inspired you to become a writer?

Well first and foremost because of the fun factor. Writing for me is a great time that’s comparable to dating new and beautiful women. I also feel as though I’m a born writer. It comes naturally, so I should definitely stick with it. My writing is also a viable alternative for violence. It keeps me free to walk the streets, without jeopardizing my freedom and family. The free spirit’s in Pittsburgh have a tendency to receive endless persecution. The last thing I want is a felony.

What keeps you motivated during creative slumps? How do you deal with Writers Block?

I embrace it with open arms. Writers block allows me to catch up on my reading which always takes the back seat when it comes to my writing. Anything is better than forcing out what is not there. That in my opinion is a recipe for bad writing. I don’t want to be that guy.

You have access to a time machine. What advice would you give to your younger self?

Nothing! It may work as a detriment to my current situation. The past doesn’t haunt me. It has built the human being I currently am.

How do you spend your free time when you are not writing?

I’m a family man first, so the majority of my time is spent with my lovely children and spouse when she’s not clocking in for another day of servitude. I’m also a faithful volunteer at the Light Of Life rescue mission. I keep myself busy.

Tell us more about your upcoming projects. Are you working on anything specific or have plans in the pipeline?

I had a satirical story entitled Too Big For The Small Press published on Storgy. This is significant because they’re the only small press that had the fortune of interviewing the legendary Chuck Palahniuk. Maybe he read my story. You never know. Regardless, it was an honor and personal achievement for me. I also plan on releasing a book of short stories some time this following year.

Finally, are there any nuggets of wisdom that you can impart to other aspiring writers?

If there’s entertainment value in your writing, keep at it. If not, please stop. Also, I wrote an essay entitled Check Out My Blog: The Fallacy Of Contemporary Poetry. You can find it at Tuck Magazine. Give it a gander. It’s informative.

And that’s a wrap!

Thanks again for the time, and opportunity! I appreciate it!



Michael Marrotti is an author from Pittsburgh, using words instead of violence to mitigate the suffering of life in a callous world of redundancy. His primary goal is to help other people. He considers poetry to be a form of philanthropy. When he’s not writing, he’s volunteering at the Light Of Life homeless shelter on a weekly basis.

His poetry has appeared in small press publications such as Horror Sleaze Trash, Section 8 Magazine and Outsider Poetry. His fiction has appeared in Degenerate Literature, Sick Lit Magazine and Pink Litter.

You can connect with Michael on the following Social Media channels:-

Facebook:- Michael Marrotti (FB)
GooglePlus:- Michael Marrotti (Google Plus)
Soundcloud:- Michael Marrotti (Soundcloud)
YouTube:- Michael Marrotti (YouTube)

You can buy his book here:-

Buy F.D.A. Approved Poetry by Michael Marrotti in Canada

Buy F.D.A. Approved Poetry by Michael Marrotti in the UK/Europe

Buy F.D.A. Approved Poetry by Michael Marrotti in the US/Rest of the World

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