Author Interview – Tony Lovell – Bedbug’s Writing: A Collection of Short Stories + Poetry, Volume One & Bad Words (Bedbug’s Writing Book 2)

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Have I got a treat for you all tonight! (Well, have I? Of course I have! I do my job!)

For your viewing and aural pleasure, I have been able to chat to author Tony Lovell about his extraordinary collections of Short Stories, poetry and yummy recipes.

Tony had provided a lot of background to his work, along with providing plenty of samples too, so let’s start this shindig and hope you all enjoy the show.


Hi there Tony, thank you for chatting with us today to talk about your writing, passions and creative influences.

Thank you for having me!

Let’s start with your debut anthology “Bedbug’s Writing: A Collection of Short Stories + Poetry – Vol. 1”, a collection of short stories and poems mixed with heart, humour and even a sprinkling of darkness too for good measure. Can you elaborate more on the themes themselves inherent in this collection, the purposes behind them and what events in your life inspired their creation.

It’s funny you mention the themes. As I was putting this collection together, the working title of the book was “Hodge Podge” because it was such a mix of stories and ideas. The major themes in this book include the act of seeking acceptance or understanding, coming to terms with the repercussions of one’s choices or desires, finding your purpose, and accepting your fate (even when you don’t like it). The stories are quite random, but I think that adds to the entertainment. They’re mostly random because the vast majority of the pieces in this collection were written for writing challenges on websites, such as Grammar Ghoul Press.

The first story, “The Bridegroom’s Hand,” is one such story. While it was written to meet a specific word count and in use of a particular word and visual prompt, the inspiration behind the story actually comes from a TED talk by Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls. I absolutely loved her TED Talk, and, at the time, I was obsessed with her music. In her Talk, she spoke of a time when she was a street performer known as “The Eight-Foot Bride”. That image of her standing there stayed in my mind when I was writing this piece, and the story turned out to be about innocent lust and the urge to pursue it even when you know you can’t–for our main character, he physically can’t. He’s a statue. A lot of my writing stems from my own need to exhume a feeling or thought from within myself, usually an emotion. In “Revelation,” I explore the idea of an afterlife and a life’s purpose with the main character committing suicide. In “The Worst First Date,” I’m simply telling a very real story about a very real date that I experienced, but I set the narrator in a very fictional environment: Apparitions Anonymous.

(The Bridegroom’s Hand – Audiobook Teaser #1)

There are pieces written with a younger audience in mind, and those were simply inspired by a desire to write for children and young adults. I wanted to try my hand at stories that might appeal to them as the stories do me. The series about Leonidas is inspired by my love for witches, my weird (apparent) obsession with death and cemeteries, and this idea of feeling so different from my family when I was younger that I felt adopted at times. While all of my writing tries to explore or explain a thought or feeling of mine in some way, there are only two pieces in this collection that are told from a very real mindset: the poems “After Leaving the Kudzu Kingdom,” and “Borrow Your Hate”. Both were written a few years ago, and both are about understanding someone else, but in very different ways. The first was written out of anger, and it started out as a seething examination of the life and events that had happened, and it ended up being about a realization that neither party involved is willing to listen to the other.

“Borrow Your Hate” was written back in 2009 shortly after President Obama came into office. There was a lot of hate and prejudice in the media and in the public around me, and I didn’t feel like I had a voice or any kind of right to have an opinion in the matter. I had not experienced prejudice necessarily, at least not blatant, but I couldn’t shake the feeling. I wanted to understand why these people felt such hatred for people of color, people who identify as LGBT, etc.

Bedbugs Writing

How does a poem begin for you? Does it start with an image, a form or a particular theme?

It may be slightly frowned upon that I call what I write “poetry”. In fact, that section in my book is titled “Freestyle: the ‘Poetry’ Section” because my “poetry” doesn’t necessarily follow any common poetic standards or forms. I’ve written my kind of poetry for years. As a teenager, it was awful–full of unrequited love and angst. I like to think it’s better today. Most of my poetry starts with a theme, even if I don’t recognize that’s what I’m doing at first.

For example, in my next collection, BAD WORDS, I’ve included a poem titled “I Don’t Recognize Me Anymore” which is about seeing how my body has changed so drastically in the past two years since having gastric bypass and losing about 200 pounds. But poetry, and all of my writing, for that matter, can stem from anywhere. I tend to just start writing with a flow of consciousness. “Undying Love,” for example, is about a man who is undead speaking to his wife who he’s just killed and who is about to be undead, but he’s reflecting on the life they’ve shared and the memories around them in the house they’ve shared. It’s a love story about zombies. At first, it was just a poem about zombies, but this theme of love in the face of unfortunate circumstances came about, and I didn’t quite realize it until I had written the piece.

Bad Words Tony Lovell

Are there any poetic forms you haven’t tried yet but would like to?

All of them? HA! Most of my “poetry” is written with the idea of performing it. I fell in love with performance poetry when I found a podcast from Indiefeed years ago. I have a love for acting, and standing on stage, performing, is one of my greatest loves, aside from writing. I just haven’t had the nerve to try it yet, but many of my poems are written with that idea and I’ve found that they don’t follow any classical forms of poetry. You have your sonnets, cinquains, ballads, iambic pentameter, etc. Most of my poetry ends up being free verse, so I would like to better my writing in other forms.

How important is accessibility of the meaning of your poems? Should we have to work hard to “solve” the poems and discover their deeper meanings?

I don’t think the meaning of poetry has to be accessible to the masses. Like music, I think people can often place their own meaning on the words as they read it. A lot of my poetry may express personal feelings and emotions about one thing or another, but I’d like to think that others can relate to it and find their own connection to the words, even if it’s different from mine. Sometimes, the poem is just a story with no real deep meaning.

Has your own opinion or idea of what poetry is changed since you first started writing poetry?

It’s changed slightly. I used to just write for the sake of writing, and I still do to an extent, but I’ve found that much of my poetry today tries, at least attempts, to have a rhythm to it. To me, that’s what makes a poem so special and different from a general short story or microfiction–it has a rhythm to it, a music that you can’t hear unless you read it. I am, by no means, a pro or savant when it comes to writing, but I can definitely see growth in my skills from years past.

Geek Loves Books

What do you find the most difficult thing about writing? And what do you find the easiest?

Sharing it. I think the most difficult thing about writing for me is sharing it with others. I tend to write for myself first. I’m not going to put it out unless I like something about it. I know it’s not perfect (I mean, I’m a flawed person), but putting it out there for others to pick apart is difficult. I know my style of writing, my thoughts, my words, etc., isn’t for everyone, but I still put it out into the world to see who will read it, first, and, second, who might enjoy it. I’ve had to learn how to accept criticism. It’s a bitter pill, for sure. I don’t know if there is anything inherently easy about writing, to be honest. Everything about it presents difficulties at one time or another, from determining ideas for new pieces to actually having time, from finding the right words to editing yourself because you have too much to say. If I was to say that anything is easy about writing for me, it would be my acceptance of just have challenging it all can be. I’ve come to accept it’s going to be difficult to get a story started and finished. The point is to just do it!

Who are some of the authors and historical figures that inspire you?

Neil Gaiman, Edgar Allen Poe, Roald Dahl, J.K. Rowling, and Flannery O’Connor are the first authors that come to mind, but music and television definitely plays a large part in inspiring my creative process. Shonda Rhimes, Amy Lee, Adele Atkins, Florence Welch, and Alecia Moore are just a few of the artists who have and continue to deeply inspire me–either with their own bodies of work or just how they present themselves.

What sort of research do you do to write your books?

It depends on what I’m writing. I generally start with the inkling of an idea that I have and go from there, researching words and definitions to see if there’s a better way to say something. A lot of my research, though, is to help ensure that I’m not talking out of my rear end. There’s a short story in my second collection that uses a lot of medical jargon, for example. I’ve come to understand a bit of it from pop culture and television, but I found myself researching multiple ways in which the body can experience trauma and what happens inside the body. So, the research definitely depends on what I’m writing about–it could be a simple click in the thesaurus, or it could be a few hours in the trenches of Google.

the Park Bench

Why do you write? What inspired you to become a writer?

I think the reason I write is because I’m trying to understand myself and the world around me. I’ve always been a shy person, despite being a teacher and an actor. It’s hard for me to start talking to people, generally, and I’ve always found it difficult to express my own thoughts and opinions without pretending to agree with others. I think this is because I don’t quite know myself well enough, or I’m trying to figure out my place in this world. So much of my writing explores feelings and questions that I have and want to understand. Loneliness. Death. An afterlife. Pain. Love. Etc. A lot of the same themes will pop up in my writing but they play out in different ways. I think I write to just understand.

What keeps you motivated during creative slumps? How do you deal with Writers Block?

I tend to bounce around through creative endeavors. When the dreaded Writer’s Block strikes, I might bounce over to Garageband on my phone and start creating “songs”. I can’t sing nor play an instrument, but that doesn’t stop me from stringing together sounds and recording my tone-deaf voice. I draw and paint. I watch a lot of television and listen to a lot of music. I try to surround myself with art in different forms as much and as often as possible. And, I’ve found it important to follow a creative idea whenever it strikes. Anytime something pops into my head, I jot it down on paper or send myself an email with the idea. Sometimes it’s just a sentence or an outline. Sometimes it’s an entire 1,000 word story. Sometimes I go back to it. Sometimes I leave it in my inbox for a very long time. I just try to pursue whatever creative idea strikes the moment I recognize it.

You have access to a time machine. What advice would you give to your younger self?

“Do more! Kiss that girl. Go on a date. Kiss the other girl. Spend the night at a friend’s house before you’re senior year of high school. Put in the effort to learn the guitar. Pay more attention in class. Be a little rambunctious. Be a little rebellious. Ask questions! Just do more, dude! Experience life! Maybe then you won’t be trying to still figure yourself out at twenty-nine.”

How do you spend your free time when you are not writing?

I’m moving into my new career as a teacher soon, so writing may very well be what happens in my “free time,” but, for now, I spend my free time trying to be creative in whatever ways I can. I love to perform, and acting on stage and in front of the camera gives me a great deal of joy. I’m a tragically slow reader, but I try to find a book that intrigues me. And I cook. A lot! I love to bake, and I actually put out my first mini cookbook, MMMMM., recently. (It’s available on Amazon.)

Cooking Tony Lovell

Tell us more about your upcoming projects. Are you working on anything specific or have plans in the pipeline?

I’m getting ready to self-publish my second collection of short stories and poetry titled BAD WORDS. A lot of the material in this one is quite dark–the themes of death, addiction, and self-inflicted agony are quite prevalent. I’ve recorded audio versions of selected pieces from my first book which I intended to put out in CD and MP3 downloads, but I’ve instead decided to put out as a podcast, along with discussions and interviews. It’s called Geek Loves Writing, and you can stream it on my website, iTunes, and Google Play. I’m working on stories that I intend to self-publish as novels. The following is taken from my website.

(Bad Words Teaser Trailer)

HOLIDAZE: Told over three holidays–Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s–this is the story of a nearly-thirty year-old man yearning to understand the meaning of “family”. Kevin is celebrating the holidays for the first time since having a falling-out with his family. He invites friends over for a dinner party, but things quickly go awry. From an attempted murder to an attempted love-connection, Thanksgiving, alone, is filled with chaos, and it only gets worse from there. Kevin will learn, though, that family doesn’t just consist of the people who raised you, and, though not perfect, the people who raised you are often reflected in you. [Intended for adults.]


IN THIS DAY & AGE: Evan Mann is an elementary teacher who loves his job and loves his wife, but he’s not a big fan of the world around him. After people around the world began to experience mutations in their bodies resulting in superhuman abilities a couple of years ago, the “gifted ones have begun wreaking havoc on cities worldwide–some in the name of good; others with sinister intent. Most people adore the folk they deem as “heroes,” but Evan detests them. When tragedy strikes, Evan finds himself in the middle of a battle he has no “abilities” to get himself out of, and he must confront the gifted people who he hates most. What will he do? What does it mean to be a hero? To be a villain? Which will Evan choose? [Intended for adults.]

In This Day & Age

WE LIVE IN THE CLOUDS: On his first day in his new school, Jip is seated next to Kurt. No one seems to want to talk to Kurt, and Jip doesn’t know why. Sure, Kurt never makes eye contact, he makes a whirring sound like a firetruck constantly, he doesn’t like to talk much and when he does it’s usually about birds, and he’s always rubbing something fuzzy, but Kurt seems nice enough. Everyone else makes fun of Kurt, though Kurt doesn’t seem to care, or notice. When Kurt finally does talk to Jip, he tells Jip that he and his family “live in the clouds” and invites him over for a party, leading Jip to wonder just what Kurt means. Over the course of a few weeks, Jip imagines all the ways his new friend could “live in the clouds”, his imagination growing wilder with each tidbit of new information. When Jip finally sees where Kurt lives, will he be disappointed, will it match what his imagination has conjured up, or will it exceed all that he could have ever dreamed? [Intended for ages 8 to 14.]

We Live In The Clouds

I’m also attempting to illustrate and write a children’s book, to write a young adult novel/series, to put out my second (and larger) book of recipes. There’s always something I want to do. I have this “illusion of capability,” in which I see someone do something and think that I can do it. So I try it. That’s evident in a web-series that I created and co-wrote with Susan of The Abject Muse titled “the Park bench,” which we’ll be shooting soon (for an interview that TooFullToWrite did with Susan then go here:- Author Interview – Susan Marie Shuman – Gutter Ball: A Collection of Short Stories). It should be on YouTube later this year. I’m excited!

Finally, are there any nuggets of wisdom that you can impart to other aspiring writers?

Just start writing. You’ll never know what skills you have or what stories you can tell unless you just start writing. Don’t worry about whether anyone else will like it or not. Don’t worry about whether it will be the next great novel or just a collection of random thoughts. Just start writing!

And that’s a wrap! Thank you for spending some time with us and letting us know about all of your wonderful projects and works, we will have a lot of fun exploring them all that’s for sure – I’m already calling dibs on the poetry and recipes 🙂


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Born and bred in a small town, Tony now helms from a suburb just outside Birmingham, Alabama. He earned his Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education from the University of Phoenix and plans to guide young creative minds through the joyful wonders of writing as regularly as possible. In what little downtime he has, Tony writes as often as possible, acts in community theatre productions around Birmingham, dabbles in filmmaking through acting and writing, and more.

He is the creator and co-writer of “the Park bench,” a new webseries from Background People Productions, coming in 2017. Tony has a deep love for music, movies, television, tacos, Greek yogurt and Yankee Candle candles. His first book is Bedbug’s Writing: A Collection of Short Stories + Poetry, Volume One, available now in paperback and Kindle on Amazon.

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3 thoughts on “Author Interview – Tony Lovell – Bedbug’s Writing: A Collection of Short Stories + Poetry, Volume One & Bad Words (Bedbug’s Writing Book 2)

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