New Book Releases – Angel Ramon – “Janus” & “Angel’s Nightmare Adventure 2” (Political Thriller & Contemporary Horror Series)

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My very good friend and author Angel Ramon has released another couple of books since I last interviewed him.

I originally did an Author Interview with Angel at the end of last year, which you can find here that covers all of his other previous releases:-

Author Interview – Angel Ramon – The Thousand Years War Series and Angel’s Nightmare Adventure

I therefore thought this would be an excellent opportunity to ask him some detailed questions specifically about his new releases “Janus” & “Angel’s Nightmare Adventure 2” and Angel has kindly given us another interview to savour below, so here we go 🙂


Hi there Angel, a real pleasure to have you back here with us again to chat about your latest book releases “Janus” (a political thriller) and “Angel’s Nightmare Adventure 2: The Nightmare Continues” (horror series).

Who are the key players/lead protagonists and antagonists that pop up in your adventures across these novels?

Angel’s Nightmare 2:- Once again Angel will be the main character in the story or should I say the main survivor of yet another zombie outbreak. However, this time he will partner up with a NYPD Lieutenant named Bill. Also this time, Maria from book 1 is not Angel’s girlfriend and goes missing in a zombie infested police station.

As for the baddies, it will be more zombies and new experimental creatures created from a failed experimental substance called “Broken Arrow”. Also a stalking enemy who chased Angel in the first book will also make its deadly return. If you read my first book, you’ll know who it is…

Janus:- In Janus: The Devil’s Election, the protagonist is Mariano and a group known as the “Terrorist Killers” whose job is to foil a plot from a terrorist organization known as Janus from compromising the 2016 Elections.

The main antagonist is the leader of the Janus Crime Syndicate who goes by the same name. There is a twist; nobody knows his real name or his true identity for that matter. Nevertheless he is the number 1 criminal in the FBI most wanted list and has built quite the criminal empire.

AngelNightmare 2

What is the story about regarding the conflict that needs to be resolved by the characters and what are the stakes for them this time round?

Angel’s Nightmare 2:- The story remains survivor horror, with survival being the main idea of the story. Angel and Bill are working a normal patrol tour until they see something strange in the streets. Once they find a dead body they realize the city of New York has been taken over by zombies or infected by the “Broken Arrow” virus. This time the stakes are raised as the virus has infected Angel’s childhood neighbourhood. He and Bill will have to find any survivors and escape from his childhood home while it’s still on its last knees.

Janus:- The Terrorist Killers have to foil a plot to compromise the 2016 U.S. Elections and prevent the spread of a controversial, potentially deadly bio-weapon known as the stem-cell substance. The Stem-Cell substance is capable of enhancing a person’s abilities, but it corrupts the person’s mental state to the point where they become violent and it can also cause mutations in a person’s body. However as the story continues the group begins to believe that there is a traitor within their ranks, as Janus is able to predict all of their moves in advance. There is also the idea that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are both feeding Janus in exchange for him feeding more votes towards them in the General Elections. The presidency and the future of the United States, even the world hangs in the balance. Let’s just say the 2016 Elections just got more devilish and dirty!

How did the idea for these tales take shape? Are they a natural progression from the previous books you have written or are you taking the series down another different path entirely?

Angel’s Nightmare 2:- The idea is a direct sequel with the events of this one taking place 5 years later after the events of the first book. Once again like the first book, the story will be told in two points of view, Bill and Angel. Both of them will trek through the same areas such as the police station, sewers, an art gallery and an underground laboratory, but with very different experiences until they reunite with each other, that’s if they do.

Janus:- I’m into politics. I’m also a big fan of Ian Fleming and Tom Clancy. So I figured that I would combine the 007 aspect with spies along with Clancy’s idea of terrorism with the current events of today to make an epic story of fictional but believable nature. Well minus the gadgets of the James Bond franchise, lol. I’m into stories of betrayal and treachery, plus I feel Trump makes a good story as he’s been so controversial.


Did you do any specific research for these novels that differed from your previous novels that you have written?

Angel’s Nightmare 2:- Honestly, I had the idea of this story already planned out for a long time. I’m a huge Resident Evil fan, well the games at least not so much the movies. I feel survivor horror is a genre that needs to be given some love in the world of books.

Janus:- Most of the research was mostly done watching coverage of the 2016 Elections everyday, so I had an idea what was taking place. I researched more about the Lienz Cossacks, as Janus is portrayed as one with his parents being born as Cossacks. Plus I got a refresher course on some of the gadgets that only James Bond would use. The rest was pure imagination.

Regarding research for your books, is there anything that has surprised you or completely changed your world view after learning more about it?

Angel’s Nightmare 2:- While I’m not surprised because I’m the creator of the world, but I was surprised of how much better I’ve become in world building and I was having so much fun writing I thought I was the main character.

Janus:- When I finished Janus: The Devil’s Election, I was surprised to learn how dirty of a campaign was ran by both candidates and how low ethics have fallen when it comes to the electoral process of the United States.

What aspects of your characters in these books would you say that you relate to on a personal level?

Angel’s Nightmare 2:- I say the relationship between Angel and Maria which is based on my real life relationship. Also the determination of Angel despite the many near death experiences he goes through. Bill is based on my former boss at my old job that I had back in New York, always saw him as a teammate rather than a boss.

Janus:- I wouldn’t say I could personally relate to any of the characters since most if not all are the polar opposites of people I actually know. For me, this was more a thrilling write and something I found enjoyment in, not so much to find a personal connection.

What were the hardest parts of these books to write? And what were the easiest?

Angel’s Nightmare 2:- The hardest part for me was the ending because there were so many paths I could have taken. In other words there might be another version of this book with an alternative ending. I also wanted to prevent from making it anti-climatic, which is something I never struggled with in my previous works.

The easiest part would have to be the bio-monsters, since I was inspired already. This was perhaps the most intriguing part of the book, coming up with their strengths and weaknesses.

Janus:- The hardest part of Janus was the editing afterwards since it was such a huge story. I had to figure out what had to go and what could stay. Glad to say I didn’t deviate from my original idea, instead I found myself adding to it instead.

The easiest part would be to simply write the story, as everything about the story was already set in my crazy mind, lol.

Were there any significant concepts that you had to edit out of these books that seemed like a good idea in the first draft but became too unwieldy as the stories progressed?

Angel’s Nightmare 2:- The ending in the first draft was way too bland and I added some more substance, especially at the very end. You’ll just have to read to find out… lol.

Janus:- Just like Angel Nightmare 2, the ending had to be beefed up as I found it to be a ‘little’ bland in the first draft too. The endings for both books are far spicier now.

Do you hide any secrets or Easter eggs in your books for dedicated readers to find?

Angel’s Nightmare 2:- Plenty of them as I always like to do and I want to see if fans could spot where the story could possibly branch out to the alternative ending that I had planned at first.

Janus:- If you are a true James Bond fan then you might recognize the gadgets that are used and if you read carefully you might find out who the mole is before he reveals himself.

What would you choose as your own personal mascot or spirit animal when it comes to you and your style of writing?

To be honest, I really don’t have one. What I do have is a statue of a medicine man that I keep next to me to give me an extra spiritual boost.

What do you think most characterizes or defines your writing? Do you have any writing quirks or themes that constantly crop up in your stories?

I’m a person as told by my fans who loves to twists his stories and I write the most non-linear stories to the point where it could branch out to multiple endings or scenarios. For me betrayal is a huge quirk as I like backstabbing characters to put the shock factor into my stories.

Finally, regarding your subsequent projects, will you be writing another sequel to “Angel’s Nightmare Adventure 2: The Nightmare Continues” and/ or “Janus”? Or do you have other plans for other books in the pipeline?

Angel’s Nightmare 2:- Well Angel’s Nightmare Adventure 2 is my “minor” series, but it will continue, just not in the near future. In fact I’m jumping into the historical fiction genre as I will write a story similar to “Game of Thrones” where I rewrite history to my liking. Check it out on this video I did at: Small preview of Knights Of Honor book series

Janus:- Janus will be a continuing series, I plan 4-5 more books where he will continue to spread his terrorist ways and continuing taunting the Terrorist Killers.

And once again, that’s a wrap! Thanks for spending quality time with us Angel, keep being prolific and we will keep reading to our hearts are content 🙂

Bio (in Angel’s own words):-


“If you were looking for a sci-fi writer who is starting out and one that has a lot of heart in what he does, you’re in luck. Bear with me and you might find yourself reading one of my novels, which I promise to be fun in their own individual way. The Thousand Years War series is an idea which is a bit complex, one that I have had since middle school. I try to stay out of reality and write books that will entertain people and take them on epic journeys to give people a bit of a reprieve from their rough daily routine. I see writing as an art, and if you give me a chance, I’ll break the stereotype that reading is boring. I feel privileged to have this talent of being able to create something out of nothing and am sharing it with everyone. So whether you like to read or are an author like me, don’t be afraid to approach me – authors needing advice, or wanting to give me advice, you are welcomed! I’m a person who loves to create, not watch. I love to create worlds and characters. I look forward to connecting with many of you avid sci-fi readers and writers alike! For the curious, I’m a humble man who lives in Puerto Rico. I also love baseball and to travel around the island of Puerto Rico.”

You can connect with Angel via the following Social Media channels:-

Facebook:- The Hybrid Nation (FB)
Goodreads:- Angel Ramon Medina (Goodreads Author)
GooglePlus:- Angel Ramon Medina – Author (GooglePlus)
LinkedIn:- Angel Medina – Author (LinkedIn)
Twitter:- Angel Ramon Medina (Twitter)
Website:- Website of The Hybrid Nation

Angel was interviewed here previously – check out his other releases and find out much more about him and his books here:-

Author Interview – Angel Ramon – The Thousand Years War Series and Angel’s Nightmare Adventure

You can buy his books here:-

Buy Angel Ramon’s books in Canada

Buy Angel Ramon’s books in the UK/Europe

Buy Angel Ramon’s books in the US/Rest of the World

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