Poem / Poetry – “An Ode To The Late, Great, Magnificent, Terry Pratchett”

Hey there guys, gals and penpals. (You can never have enough penpals. Or poppadams. But I digress.)

I was incredibly saddened to discover that the legendary Terry Pratchett has passed away today.

Terry has been instrumental in my life as someone who has constantly inspired my writing and helped me to develop a keen sense of appreciation for comedic fantasy (and comedy writing in general). I also credit him as someone who gave me a passion for reading and writing in general and this is the greatest gift that you can bestow on anyone.

When they made elements of the Discworld series into videogames, I couldn’t have been happier to have the characters brought to life that I vividly imagined from the books by the likes of Eric Idle (I can’t picture anyone else as Rincewind now, although David Jason did a superb job in the TV series adaption), Tony Robinson (who I always thoroughly enjoyed reading out the audiobook versions of Pratchett Discworld classics), Rob Brydon (wonderful impressionist), Jon Pertwee, Kate Robbins and many others who had so much fun playing these wonderful quirky people that Pratchett had penned that you could feel the sheer admiration shining through in their powerful, engaging performances.

I have therefore felt compelled to write an ode to celebrate this great man and I would be grateful if you will all indulge with me as I write this poem in honour of him.

If you are a fan of Pratchett, please share your condolence wishes and stories in the comments section, as I would love to hear them, especially if he has also had a profound effect on your life.

Thanks for reading and stay frosty friends!

Terry Pratchett

“An Ode to the Late, Great, Magnificent, Terry Pratchett” by David Ellis

You were the first author that I read
Where I had to have a dictionary to hand
At first it drove me completely mad
Then my English skills drastically improved
And I quickly understood you were a talented man

I couldn’t get enough of the Discworld canon, I devoured so many
Immersing myself deeply into this richly imagined fantasy
Such a bizarre concept for a series, so surreal and Pythonesque
Elephants? On the back of a turtle? Travelling through space? Genius!

Everything put through your unique filter became comedy gold
Wizards, witches, goblins, walking luggage, imps and trolls
With every new set up, the laughter just kept on pouring out
The pop culture references were such a monumental joy to behold
Time and time again, I treasured every single one that I found

Your collaborations also helped me to discover Neil Gaiman
The two of you together are such a potent, phenomenal combination
I cannot help but wonder if it is because of this terrific union
Why I enjoy collaborating myself so much when I write
You are both without a doubt a constant source of inspiration
Delivering stories that can terrify, enthrall, thrill and excite

With your clever mix of fantasy, humour, situational comedy and deft wit
Terry Pratchett, you are adored, revered and will be sorely missed
I can’t think of anyone who has had more of an impact
Thank you for being a writer who you can respect forever
Your work will inspire many more generations for years
Yes there are tears but you have made them tears of laughter
Rest in peace, dear friend, author and mentor

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15 thoughts on “Poem / Poetry – “An Ode To The Late, Great, Magnificent, Terry Pratchett”

  1. Thank you for sharing your ode, what a lovely tribute- very sad news re Sir Terry Pratchett but leaving a lasting legacy for generations yet. I’ve not read much Terry Pratchett liteature but the Science of Discworld series and Soul Music are amongst my favourite books of all time.

    • Hey Stu – thank you for the reply and reblog, very much appreciated. Happy to make the acquaintance of another fan 🙂 It’s easy for his books to become favourites, I’m determined to work my way through the entire canon again, as I know there were some additional Discworld ones that I’ve not had time to read yet (after I worked my way through the first 20 or so!) Have a great weekend.

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  3. You’ve given a fitting tribute to a wonderful author who touched a lot of lives. I so was saddened to hear of Terry’s passing. I introduced my kids to him when they were little by reading aloud the Bromeliad Trilogy, and my grownup daughter just read Monstrous Regiment aloud to me when she was home from university over spring break. Good Omens is frequently quoted and referred to in this household. Terry was suffering, and I’m glad his suffering is over, but I’m still sad and the world is a poorer place for his passing.

    • Hey there Naomi. Thank you for the kind words and for expressing your sentiment regarding Terry. He will always be here in our hearts and his words will remind us constantly of the talent he possessed. I will make it my mission to read everything of his again! Lovely to hear how revered he is in your household and I’m sure he will continue to provide pleasure for many years to come.

  4. That was beautiful and so true…
    Everyone knows how much I love Terry Pratchett, I even have a statue of Death which a friend bought me for my birthday. I drove the children mad with the Discworld stories, in fact I was reading ‘Nightwatch’ when we were away in a holiday home and my daughter and I were sharing a room, there I was sitting up in bed reading my book and laughing to myself and she asked what I was laughing about (fatal mistake on her part), so I ‘sang’ to her:
    ‘Now we sing dis stupid song
    Sing it as we run along
    Why we sing dis we don’t know
    We can’t make the words rhyme prop’ly
    Sound off!
    One, two!
    Sound off!
    Many, lots!
    Sound off!
    Er, what?’
    We ended up crying with laughter and didn’t get much sleep that night!
    God rest your soul Sir Terry Pratchett, you are already sorely missed.

    • Well said Paulette – this is another brilliant tribute to Terry, thank you for sharing these words, it is wonderful to see how Terry has influenced the lives of other people. His magic extended far beyond his books!

  5. Loved it. So sorry to lose Terry, who has given me immense pleasure. My favourite scene is the opener to the secret society in Guards! Guards! It cracks me up every time.

    • Lol – he has so many good bits in his book it is hard to list them all. Thank you so much Elizabeth, your comment means the world to me and I’m glad that Terry has had such a positive affect on your life 🙂

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