NaPoWriMo – A Poetic Duet With A Shade Of Pen – “The Sorcery Of Our Story”

Hello everyone, how are you all doing?

I’ve not been very active this NaPoWriMo sadly, due to other commitments.

Please rest assured however that this blog is still very much alive and keen to provide you with the best quality poetry possible (and the odd story too when time permits!)

So why am I darkening your towels today of all days, you might be wondering?

Well, allow me to tell you. (But first get some new towels, you filthy beast!)

My very good friend A Shade of Pen has reached out to me to reacquaint ourselves with a tradition that we started last NaPoWriMo and lo and behold, we have written another collaboration together.

(Please save your applause, champagne and cake until the end. On second thoughts, I’ll have a piece of cake, there’s always time for tea and cake!)

You can find the amazing blog for A Shade Of Pen here, go subscribe for more deliciously written treats:-

A Shade Of Pen – a journey of exploration of my ownself and yours as well!

So without further ado, here be our collaboration, another romantic slice of poetic voodoo, for love be a wondrous and magical thing that brings so much pleasure to each and everyone.

If you want to write a collaboration with me then leave me a message in the comments. I will write on any genre or theme, I am flexible in the extreme – happy poetry writing!


“The Sorcery Of Our Story” by A Shade Of Pen & TooFullToWrite

The leaves ruffle in the air
Even the wind seems to be humming our song
The melody carries me on the wings of angels
Straight to the first time
When my eyes fell upon you

A spell was cast that day
One of gorgeous light, dispersing the darkness
The veil had been lifted
Life had revealed a divine gift for us to cherish

A hundred thoughts
Buzzed into my mind’s honeypot
Was this all just a lucid dream
Woven into the fabric of space and time
Or a fragile vase poised to shatter
And break when I stir and awake

Too scared to know
I shut my eyes tight in anticipation
But you’re still there
When I find the courage to open them

We’ve both travelled so far but the journey is far from over
I remember how your touch made me blush
How it could move the tallest of mountains
I could sense your sweet scent from across the room
As I picture your perfect smile
My heart realises that it beats just for you

They say absence makes the heart grow even fonder
I have been found guilty of counting off the days
Since you left me standing alone at that fateful train station
Because deep in my heart, I still know
One day when your sunny disposition
Casts its light across the shadow of my empty life again
And you enter the room capturing my full attention
Our love will flower and flourish more fervently than before
I will make you mine, as we start our story’s next chapter
And I cannot help but fall in love
Each time we tell it to each other
It’s the story of our lives

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3 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo – A Poetic Duet With A Shade Of Pen – “The Sorcery Of Our Story”

    • Thanks Art! Regarding the honeypot, I hope people don’t think I was reading too much Winnie The Pooh. Incidentally reading your first book is something that I’ve been trying to do forever too but I seem to get thwarted at every opportunity. I swear I will get stuck into tonight and give you a review at the end of next week. Thank you for commenting on my blog, your support is a big reason why I keep doing this 🙂

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