Poem / Poetry – “Unreliable Witness”

Greetings to you one and all.

(There had better not be just one of you reading this or I will be ruddy miffed!)

For today’s NaPoWriMo prompt, I have decided to go with the name of a spaceship by the author Iain M. Banks (the M is important, I would imagine it stands for Merciless or perhaps even MotherFu……no, I had better not, just in case my Mother decides to read this blog one day).

The problem with this prompt is that there are a huge number of amazing ship names to choose from, tons of ’em and they’re all brilliant! Curse you Mr Banks and your stupendously fantastic author mind! I will read you soon and often too.

So in the end, I just went ahead and picked one and let the magic flow, so here we go!

Unreliable Witness (by David Ellis)

Do you wear glasses, even if it’s just to read?
Your eyesight is clearly failing
You’re exactly what my client needs

Can I interest you in a bribe?
I assure you we will be discreet
We don’t want this to blow up in your face

How good are you at keeping secrets
Around a variety of dodgy issues?
Glad to hear your moral compass is turned off!

You see the thing about scruples is
There’s no room for them in modern business
At least where there’s money involved

Can I tempt you with our 2 for 1 deal?
We will supply you with a disguise
A fake identity will be supplied

You’ll earn frequent flyer miles
And 10% off restaurant meals
On Sundays, if you book online

We’ve gone over your testimony
Particularly the gaps in your memory
Everything seems to be just fine

Your credibility will be reduced
Gradually at first then all at once
Just remember, it’s a series of white lies

We’ll give you a wink, a nudge and a cough
That will be your cue for a great performance
Keep the theatrics nice and simple enough

Then when your done and the dust has settled
The cheque will be sent out in the mail
A nice tidy sum made payable

Don’t spend it all at once however
We may need a scapegoa…..er an alibi later
And your name’s on the invoice letter!
Pleasure doing business with ya (sucker)


2 thoughts on “Poem / Poetry – “Unreliable Witness”

    • She likes my stories but the poetry is a little hard work her (bless her), so I’m probably safe to say whatever I like! Glad you enjoyed the poem – I’m working on three other collaborations at the moment, so stay tuned for those!

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