Poem / Poetry – An attempt at a Cinquain – “A Whisper Becomes A Roar”

Hello friends.

This will be a short one tonight, as I’m working on some other collaborations.

Initially, I was going to run away crying like a scared little girl from today’s NaPoWriMo prompt because it looked like algebra had mated with poetry in an unholy twisted union to form what is known as a ‘cinquain’.

(No, not five sink chains, you uncouth yobbo!…….seriously though, that’s what I thought it was originally)

I apologise if I’ve screwed this up, as I’ve never attempted this before (feel free to correct me) but here we go!

A Whisper Becomes A Roar

The trees
Softly whisper
Swaying rhythmically
Until I hear…angry chainsaw?
Oh dear

I love my job.


5 thoughts on “Poem / Poetry – An attempt at a Cinquain – “A Whisper Becomes A Roar”

    • Lol I’m not even sure that I did it right. Trying to determine stressed and unstressed syllables brings me out in hives! I’ve written a lot of haikus but the tend to be of questionable advice and mostly sardonic in nature 🙂

      • I look at it this way: I like the 5-7-5 haiku and throw into that syllabic girdle whatever the heck I want to put there.

        Styles change over the years, not just for clothing, but for poetry and for cultural norms. 🙂

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