The dawning of a new era

Today represents an extraordinary occasion for me.

I have decide to go live with my own blog at last.

This will give me a chance to share with you my experiences with writing, comedy and music.

I’ve tried to make this a friendly resource for writers in particular to enable them to gather more information/tools to assist with their writing/the writing process.

If you are fan of reading material however then I hope to keep you mildly entertained because I feel that it’s the very least I can do!

I will be updating the blog in the future to include great Artists, Authors, Musicians and Events people in the Tunbridge Wells community/surrounding vicinity, along with international artists that I respect and admire.

For now, please enjoy the next post, which will be one of my pieces of Flash Fiction, with many more to follow – you lucky people.

Thanks for reading and keep on rocking in the free world friends.

David Ellis


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