Daily Prompt – Eye of The Beholder – Poem / Poetry – “Acoustiscal Tonic”

Hey there Wild Dogs and Kitty Kats.

Guess what I’ve been up to?

No! Not that! Don’t be absurd, I’d never get away with it!

I’ve been collaborating with my very good friend Mrs Hastywords again – you do know that she has a book of her poetry out now, don’t you? If you didn’t then here are the links, I’ve bought my copy – why are we still talking, you go clicky clicky, quickly quickly – it is rather good:-

Darker Side of Night by Hastywords

Amazon UK (Kindle) – Darker Side of Night
Amazon UK (Paperback) – Darker Side of Night
Amazon US (Kindle) – Darker Side of Night
Amazon US (Paperback) – Darker Side of Night

So, Hastywords & I have worked hard on another project where the Daily Prompt was “The Eye of The Beholder” (thanks Michelle Weber of WordPress, these prompts really do fire up the creative noodle!)

“Describe what it feels like to hear a beautiful piece of music or see a stunning piece of art.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us BEAUTY.”

Now, without further ado, let me present yet another amazing lyrical collab and I hope you all enjoy it very much.

Thank you for your all support and comments are always welcome. Biscuits even more so (but that goes without saying).

Gin & Tonic - WikiCommons - Author cyclonebill from Copenhagen, Denmark

Acoustical Tonic (by TooFullToWrite & Hastywords)

Notes drizzle down on to eager ears filled with ecstasy
Senses heightened, eclectic, vibrant, euphoric intensity
Colors and shapes mingle, a decadent, sensual soiree
Mystical beats consume our free will until it’s too late

Caught inside a magical melody, a restless memory stirs
Drawn into its maximum capacity, I am swept into a frenzy
Pausing with each articulation mark, I linger in each phrase
Feeling each meter’s breath born inside my recollections

Pianos and cellos, ascending vibratos, stimulate and intoxicate
Rapturous thrill rollercoaster, it spills, overflows, must concentrate
Rock guitar, sitar and mandolin blending subtle musical hues
Transported to timeless places where confidence shines through

However, the strings, the orchestral delight, mesmerize me the most
The deep long wails and the heart piercing screams, haunt my soul
Holding me hostage within each tantalizing musical feat, searching me
Born new again, within each composition, by Mendelssohn or Tchaikovsky

Classics from the past or bonding over Bond, it’s an explosive mix
Jazz, punk, rock, reggae, classical, country, building bridges between us
Turning lows into jubilatory sighs, changing moods, enhancing lives
Silence would be more deafening than a roaring ocean at high tide

When all else fails, and instruments are scarce, leaving us in the quiet
Our voices come to the rescue and whether in concert or solo we chant
In soothing rhythmic tones or in frantic syllabic notes of experience
Our world would be unbearably dull and mundane without the beauty of song

Musicians share emotions to help us fight a common enemy
No longer feeling so alone, when we relate to their harmonies
Teaching us to trust in a world where dreams can become a reality
Stories to feed each new generation carrying messages of clarity

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