Daily Prompt – Too Big To Fail – Poem / Poetry – “To Believe is to Succeed”

Ladies and gentlemen, hello!

The hits just keep on coming (some of them miss my face entirely) and I’m a very lucky man to have such interesting and talented friends (who I don’t owe any money to, which is a bonus).

Today’s poetic duet collaboration is with a very good buddy of mine, a young author, writer and poet who goes by the name of Will Louison.

This amazing chap has participated in NaNoWriMo several times and has published his book Perspective on Amazon. I’ve read it and for a debut novel, it is awesome – the guy writes action like you wouldn’t believe – taut, engaging and it leaps off the page!

Check out Will’s new blog here for more poetry, stories and other entertaining articles from this prolific fellow here:-

Messages From My Life

Now on to collaboratory business. The prompt that we used for our inspirational poem was supplied by the lovely Michelle W. at WordPress, who has continually inspired me countless times with their clever prompts:-

Too Big To Fail – “Tell us about something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail (and tell us why you haven’t tried it yet).

I hope that this poem inspires you and makes you feel good about yourself, that was the intention both Will & I had fun writing it, hope you enjoy it.

Courage is contagious by emijrp

“To Believe is to Succeed” by David Ellis & Will Louison

Trying something fresh and cutting edge
In playful pursuit of an inquisitive mood
Taking the world head on, one step at a time
Finding rhythm on these mountains we climb

Not really sure of how it will end
I just know where I want it to be
Working hard to stay on this path
Nothing could force me to leave

When my mind’s set on something
You can’t shake me off this mission
Love and passion pulls me through
Failure has never been an option

For although there have been times
When I have accepted mediocrity
This is different all together
I’m driven by the need to succeed

Casting off the errant, accursed shadows
Of darkness that once enveloped this place
To become my own individual person again
I must forsake temptation or be left with nothing

So it’s time to open my eyes and see again
Forget about all the pain I was in
Acceptance for myself as I move forward
Taking in this resurrection

For what is life without knowledge
The lingering taste of experience
Given the choice, we should embrace love
Let its touch give us the freedom we deserve

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