Poem / Poetry – “Dreaming Of Darkness Retreating”

Hello you wonderful people that choose to read me when you could be eating ice cream.

(You can do both, I don’t mind – in fact I insist, I’m off to find myself a “Feast” right now – now them’s good eatin’!)

This week’s prompt over at The Reverie Journal is called “Making Headlines”. The task is to find a news article and then use that as inspiration for a poetic piece. Fiendish.

Making Headlines – A Poetic Prompt from The Reverie Journal

This reminded me of songs enjoyed in my youth like Steely Dan’s “Don’t Take Me Alive” and Duran Duran’s “The Man Who Stole a Leopard” – there are a number of amazing bands that employ the strategy of pilfering headlines to great effect.

So…challenge accepted ladies of The Reverie – game on! (incidentally, I can just imagine this being sung by Simon Le Bon! When you write poetry it’s almost impossible to stop rhyming)

I’ve selected a story from my local Metro newspaper regarding a raven (how could I not when I am such a massive fan of Edgar Allan Poe) – here we go!

Metro – Raven has feather transplant so that it can fly again

Common raven - Wikipedia. Photographer: Atli Harðarson. Taken in Seltjarnarnes, Gullbringusysla, Iceland.

“Dreaming Of Darkness Retreating” by David Ellis

These wings are things I must mend
If I am to fly and soar higher again
With some tender love and care
I may have a shot at banishing shame

Losing myself inside the crowd
But I’ll find my way back out
The road to recovery might be long
Yet I know that I must stay strong

People obsessed with celebrating ruin
Don’t have dreams worth pursuing
Everything is food for thought
Decisions have a consequence

All the freedom in the world
Means little out in the wild
When you’re stranded and lacking strength
Don’t be afraid to ask for help yourself

Take a chance in life, hesitate no longer
This is it and nothing more
Darkness can be beaten into submission
Make friends with fear itself for freedom
Time is scarce, words have power
Bird or prey, the choice is yours

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