Poem / Poetry – “Hot Little Biscuit”

Well hello there brethren.

Inspiration is a funny old thing, I tend to get it from everywhere, particularly when I am not even looking.

I have a soft spot for a band called Electric Six and the lyrics for many of their songs are just so damn funny. I then got thinking what it would be like to write in the style of the hilarious frontman Dick Valentine and this beast was born.

I must also credit Jen Mann for the final piece of inspiration and her “Hot Little Biscuit” photo for helping me to create the final piece of the puzzle – you can check out her excellent blog and buy her amusingly titled book right here:-

People I Want To Punch In The Throat

So on with the show people, on with the show, hope you like it and for comments please stick them in the box down below 🙂

Callie's Hot Little Biscuit - Charleston SC

“Hot Little Biscuit” by David Ellis

No point in putting make-up on because it will melt clean off
Your face is a waffle iron grill with the dial set to argh!
There’s a longing in my loins that desperately needs to be girded
All the fire hydrants you just passed by have now exploded

Are those cargo pants, skinny jeans or trousers that you’re wearing?
To be honest you could wear a potato sack and I’d still be salivating
These emotions that we’re experiencing are really quite revealing
Let’s dance dirtily right after I’ve peeled my lusty self off of the ceiling

You’re my hot little biscuit
I’ve got no choice but to dunk it
Come rain or shine, there’s always room
For a bit of gravy on the side, alright?

The wheels and rims you’re displaying are unquestionably satanic
Turning and burning while I’m yearning for something idiosyncratic
All these crumbs of sin are finding their way in, heading down to Chinatown
You always know how to push my buttons, especially the forbidden ones

If you can’t stand the heat then you shouldn’t frequent kitchens
Firing off on all cylinders is all well and good when nobody is looking
Actions speak louder than words when you’re setting fireworks off in mouths
We’ve bitten off more than we can chew but it’s too late to spit it out

You’re my hot little biscuit
Taking afternoon tea to extremes
With you I can be anyone, I can be almost anything
Baby, you’re an excess of sugar in my bloodstream

You’re my hot little biscuit
A blessing in disguise
When I take you out on a whim for a spin
Delicious chaos ensues every time

No smoke without fire but I choose to smoke only bacon and fools
Giving me all the right saucy, chutzpah moves to take you seriously like typhoons
A rush of blood going straight to our heads, blowing us both to smithereens
I know I can count on you to be discrete until the paparazzi comes calling

You’re my hot little biscuit
There’s no point beating about the bush
If you’re not the one for me
No point crying over spilt milk

But you’re my hot little biscuit
Full of sass, spice and award winning ingredients
Let’s celebrate this sensually unholy union
No matter what the risks
It takes two to tango with the devil
Yet it only takes one bite to go up in flames
We’ll put them out with champagne
Whoops, we’ve fanned the fires again
Why are my mistakes just so damn sexy?
Reciprocation of sticky situations
Personality always goes such a long way
We’ll leave the rest up to gravity

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34 thoughts on “Poem / Poetry – “Hot Little Biscuit”

  1. Reblogged this on Reviews & Recommendations and commented:
    Still salivating over the scrumptious hot little biscuit AND then came across the conveniently linked prompts. Thank you for allowing one of mine to be there.

    Love this. Oh, hours of tiring my eyes ahead but refreshing my mind.

    Still blotting lips with microfiber towel to keep my keyboard pristine. 🙂

  2. Proud to be part of this club, thanks for the inclusion – many of them I have visited look forward to dropping in on many more on my travels – off now to hit the follow button, once again cheers.

    • Hey there Elizabeth. Thank you for the reblog, I appreciate it very much and you are very welcome for the pingback. Also, I’ve never been anyone’s hot little biscuit before, so thank you so much for that too 😉

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