Poem / Poetry – “Eucalyptus Consciousness”

Hello folks.

I know I’m two days early for NaPoWriMo but I couldn’t resist the Wordle prompt supplied by those poetic geniuses and great ladies over at The Reverie Journal.

The Reverie Journal – Wordle Me This #4

The object of these exercises are to try to use all of the words supplied in the piece that write.

This one was a very tough little nut to crack but I think I got all of the words into this delicious puzzle to be worthy of your attention.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment below.

(P.S. For my English/European friends – there were some American English words in here, so I have used those definitions and tailored my lexicon accordingly!)

Wordle Prompt by The Reverie Journal

“Eucalyptus Consciousness” by David Ellis

Never despair, for knowledge itself
Puts power in the hands of the warranter
Those who celebrate sincerity
Will burn more brightly than any stars

Hope brings out the champion
To conquer any sticky situation
Be the chance as thin as a hair
Or thick as a pint of blood

Find a directional path in life
Channel focus, favor durableness
Overdressing your intentions
Means gravitating towards disaster

Appearances can be deceptive, protested
Yet I find there is always truth in wine
A babbler can distort perceptions
Just like a creamer can discolor coffee beans

What nourishes can also destroy if used gluttingly
To fear success is to be squirmingly surrogated
In a life that thrives on passionate engagement
Not knowing if we’re removably attached or removably secured
Messes with our minds, we become shallow, unable to commit

Yet we are all bound by our actions and our art
Imitate but do not loathe the worlds you create
An interword cannot convey meaning with half measures
He or she who gives twice as much deserves just rewards


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