Poem / Poetry – “Any Dream Will Tell You”

Hello again everyone.

I’ve been listening to a lot of The Kills recently and they have inspired me indirectly to write this.

They are truly an amazing band, start with any one of their albums and give them a whirl, you won’t be disappointed.

Hope you like this one, I’m going to try to limber up for NaPoWriMo in April too, so there should be a lot of great poetry on the horizon. At least I hope so – you be the judge 🙂

Oh and happy Caturday folks – give all your cats, kittens and kittehs a big squeeze from me 😉


“Any Dream Will Tell You” by David Ellis

Looking back at the cracked mirror of my broken, bleeding heart
Slowly healing scattered pieces but there’s so many scars, yet
Any dream will tell you to give it everything you’ve got
An ocean’s waves keep pounding and its relentless exquisiteness never stops

The best and most beautiful things in the world are worth fighting for
Why should things be easy when you can embrace such perfect flaws
If you can’t change direction then why not just enjoy the ride
Our goals in life should not be just to survive but to nourish others and thrive

Spending time at night kissing the sonata of the wondrous moonlight
The stars twinkling out a symphony, bursting with orchestral delight
Smiles play out across her face, a skyline spreading infectious desire
Eyes full of romantic colours that tell so many stories filled with fire

Never limit yourself or put barriers on what you think you can do
Be the candle that spreads the light when darkness surrounds you
For if you plant the seed, you can be the tree that grows
The journey starts from within, so long as your past tragedies you can let go

Love the people that guide you and pull you back from the brink
The breath and spark of energy they provide can be more powerful than lightning
Dream of where you’ll be tomorrow but build the foundations of truth today
Accept your fate, visualise the way and you’ll have power to wield in your world again
No matter how slow the future starts, you’re a work of art the universe needs to see unfold

How about another interesting take on the prompt of dreams and the land of nod? Well then try this on for size, courtesy of our friends and overlords at WordPress 😉

“You’re having a nightmare and have to choose between three doors. Pick one and tell us what you find on the other side.”

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10 thoughts on “Poem / Poetry – “Any Dream Will Tell You”

    • Thank youuuuuu Art 🙂 appreciate you taking the time to take a look, as always. I need to make your novel bedtime reading, I don’t seem to have any time in the evenings or weekends now. I bet your books would make awesome audio books too – if you ever go down that route then let me know and I will buy them again (especially if they are read out aloud by you!)

    • Hey there Jane, you are very welcome. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my poem, I appreciate it. I’m also glad that you connected with it too, I like putting positive messages in my poetry to inspire people. Have a great day 🙂

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