Author Interview – JD Estrada – Author of Urban Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Horror, Short Stories & Various Poetry Anthologies

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One of my favourite bands of all time is Estradasphere. They are musical geniuses, who blend many different instruments and genres together in crazy and beautiful ways.

Why is that important you may ask? I’ll tell you (it’s the very least I can do).

Tonight’s Author Interview is with none other than the extremely talented JD Estrada, whose wit is a sharp as the multitude of socks he wears, so let’s head on over to his sphere of influence and see what motivates him to write, create and innovate.

Thanks for reading everyone, have a fantastic time and enjoy the show 🙂


Hi there JD, a sincere pleasure having you over here to discuss your novels, poetry books and short stories/essay collections.

Firstly, let’s start with your Fantasy novels “Only Human” and its sequel “Shadow of a Human”. Please tell us more about the plot/themes of these books, along with the quirks of your protagonist Nathaniel Runnels and how he finds himself up to his neck in (not your typical) vampires.

A pleasure to be here, David. I think a good step is to explain the overall concept of the Human Cycle. This 3 book series is an exploration of humanity through fiction because all facets of humanity are pretty fascinating to me. It’s an urban fantasy because I also like the thought of hidden worlds within our own and all the things that can be hidden in plain sight.

Each book focuses on a different aspect of humanity. For instance, Only Human is an exploration of the physical implications of this adventure while setting up bigger questions to be tackled further on. Nathaniel is not chosen arbitrarily but he is a means to an end and has the potential to swing the balance in favour of the side of this conflict that isn’t interested in destroying the world. That said, he is not indispensable and I think that figures largely into the plot because even though he is very useful, he is reminded quite often that his role isn’t mandatory and that he can be just as useful being someone’s lunch. Shadow of a Human dives into darker aspects of humanity and all the implications of what happened in the first book, showing that there are consequences to actions and the burdens we take on. It is far more focused on the psychological aspect of humanity and the nuances of each of us and how we cope with victory, loss, and life in general. A lot of research was made into Jungian psychology including the aspect of shadows, the collective unconscious, as well as delving into such topics as the inner child and gender roles.

Speaking of gender, I absolutely love playing with typical gender roles. To me a human isn’t defined solely by their gender and it was very important to capture strong female characters in the series. Case in point, Mrs. Fawn, Valencia, Luna, Captain Jane, Sariel, and several other female characters are often much stronger than male characters. This is as much by design as much as it is a reflection of the strong women I’ve known in my life.

Going back to Nathaniel; he is your typical jaded professional who has lost faith in what he does for a living as well as his supposed aspirations. He’s a reporter who cannot report or has to modify the truth to cater to tastes and the powers that be and as a writer, he’s a failure on word count AND content. I think it’s a feeling many people can relate to and I wanted to give a different spin to the hero’s journey, touching some typical points, while pivoting hard with others. Nathaniel resents his role but ultimately embraces it because he prefers certain death to a life full of tedium.


If your novels were to be made into films (or even a TV series), who would you cast in the lead roles?

Although studios are all about star power, for me it would be much better to have this be the role someone wants and that makes an actor. I would prefer a varied cast of talented actors of all ages who are hungry to throw caution to the wind with some experienced people in the mix. Think about Harry Potter, to offer a high profile example. Careers were made and others were solidified with these movies and I’d like to in some way contribute to the success of others.

You also have published multiple poetry books. Please tell us more about their titles and specific themes that unify the material in each of these collections.

There are 6 poetry collections and I treat each as an album in regards to “song selection” (i.e. the poems that go into the collection) and “track listing” (in regards to the order in which I place the poems). That takes as much effort as the writing process because to me I want the reading to have a rhythm beyond each individual poem so that it is rewarding to read in single doses, bursts, or in one sit through.

Between the Tides: ebbs of poetry from a stream of thought is titled thusly to try and capture the different ups and downs of life. There’s variety in it but it’s an observation of life, the big topics as well as the small details.

Dark Strands: Stirrings beneath the surface is a darker collection, but the approach is to show that there can be beauty and elegance in our darkness. It’s also the shortest collection I had but one whose structure I thought about a lot. Dark Strands in this collection are actually a series of short poems on the same page that can be read in any order and the last poem is my first narrative poem titled Miranda and the Broken Ghost. It’s 72 lines, divided in eight 9-line stanzas with the rhyme scheme ABACADABA. It was definitely a challenge but a very rewarding one in the end.

Captured Moments: Glimpses of life caught in verse has a lot of social commentary in some poems that deal with equality and our obsession with our social media personas while there are other little bits of whimsical fun. The intention was to capture snapshots of what I see on a day-to-day basis, which is sometimes harsh, other times silly, and always real.

Black Tie Affair was titled thusly because I really wanted to write a “whiskey” poetry collection. Something that works best read at a slow clip to serve as a reminder that even if some things are bitter, they can still be beautiful.

The latest English collection I released is titled Roulette of Rhymes because I wanted to push myself hard in regards to reach, style, form, and content. It’s very varied while still somehow maintaining a feel to it before flowing into my longest published poem yet, The Madness of Jonathan J George, an 800-line epic divided into eight 100-line movements, each with its own style, rhyme scheme, and overall rules. I wanted a Dante-like journey through sanity and how close we are to losing it on any given day.

Lastly, Pensando en Metáforas is my first Spanish poetry collection and I wanted something more direct in regards to the title (translated to Thinking in Metaphors). The main concept behind this collection is that quite often we can make better sense of life through the use of creative language.

Daydream on the Sherbert Shore

How does a poem begin for you? Does it start with an image, a form or a particular theme?

Each poem and each project can begin differently. I don’t always take the same route because I enjoy challenging myself be it with structure, form, style, content, or any combination of these. It can begin by random words, a song whose lyrics I misheard, or life being life and inviting me to pick up a pen and paper and make sense of it all as best as I can.

Are there any poetic forms you haven’t tried yet but would like to?

I’m sure there are several styles I’ve yet to explore because I haven’t done a laundry list of what I have and haven’t done. At this juncture, I have several collections in the works that I work on when the mood invites it. One is about love, another about heartbreak, a third about hope, one in Spanglish, and a fifth one in Spanish. I also finished a haiku collection but have dedicated myself to design its interior to do something different and challenge myself. I’m really enjoying that and I think one future collection shall be marrying images with words to see what comes through.

Black Tie Affair

How important is accessibility of the meaning of your poems? Should we have to work hard to “solve” the poems and discover their deeper meanings?

Again, it depends on the poem. Some are purposely simple, while others are purposely cryptic. I like having a nice balance and letting go of words so people can also find their own meaning in a poem. That’s something I’ve really enjoyed discussing with people who read me and learning how something connects or resonates. For instance, I wrote one poem titled “The Box” about the day we buried my dad. Two people have mentioned that poem, but one particular reader told me she was able to make sense of her dad’s passing thanks to that poem. Meanwhile, you have something that’s insanely deep that will have people getting different things from them. Both results are welcome and I don’t like any one collection to be one way. I like variety and think that few things could be more boring than being monotone. Life isn’t monotone even if you’re color blind because even then it comes with several layers and a myriad of shades.

Has your own opinion or idea of what poetry is changed since you first started writing poetry?

I’ve been writing poetry since I was a teen and I think literature in general evolves in meaning for me the more I read and write. Poetry can be so many things and part of my mission as a creator is to try and show that poetry isn’t one single thing, but that it can be anything to combat that whole mentality of people who say they don’t like poetry and whatever single thing they believe poetry to be.

Captured Moments

What would you choose as your own personal mascot or spirit animal when it comes to you and your style of writing?

I think it would be a combination of the two animals that I think represent me the most as a writer, a tiger and a monkey. A tiger is more independent than a lion, barks a little less loud, but bites apparently way harder, and you don’t see them until it’s too late. Think about it, how often do you see footage of a Tiger hunting? It isn’t common and I’d like to sneak up on people with whatever I write surprising as much as possible. The flipside to this is that I do enjoy being a cheeky bugger and it doesn’t get much cheekier than a monkey. They’re curious, fun loving, creative, and VERY expressive, all things I hope to capture in whatever I commit to paper.

What do you think most characterizes or defines your writing? Do you have any writing quirks or themes that constantly crop up in your stories?

Randomness. Hehehe. I think I strive for people to find random quirks and details that connect with different people. Once upon a time I thought I wrote weird things, but more than weird, it captures the word random (something I’ve learned from reading TRULY weird fiction). I also enjoy that a lot of people have said my writing is very human. In regards to quirks, I LOVE Easter eggs and hiding little tributes to bands, artists, writers, movies, people, and life in general and I love playing off personal experience as much as possible because I always need to be able to relate to what I write. Sure you write for an audience, but the main fan you’re writing for is yourself and if that fan isn’t happy, then what’s the point.

Dark Strands

What do you find the most difficult thing about writing? And what do you find the easiest?

Hardest thing is finding the time to properly write in addition to editing. Time management is a challenge for anyone who needs a day job on the side (meaning your MAIN means of income). As for editing, it’s a brutal process where you have to be honest with yourself and keep cracking the whip regardless and do so with a sharp objective knife. A work is never really finished, but sometimes you need to pull the trigger, and by far the editor knows much more honestly than the writer when you’re at that point. As far as the easiest, to me it’s getting ideas. I have enough ideas jotted down and initially fleshed out to complete my next 40 or so books. That’s not me being cocky or thinking I’m a hot potato. That’s me just recognizing that ideas come easy and committing to one project is the difference between a writer AND someone with a hyperactive imagination. In short, ANYONE can have a good idea but few people can take a good idea and make something special.

Who are some of your favourite authors, historical figures, poets and poems?

Authors would definitely include Neil Gaiman as a story teller and Terry Pratchett as a writer. Neil is something special when it comes to tapping into weird stories that resonate, while the craft of Terry with a sentence is awe inspiring. Joanne’s creation of the Wizarding World is one of the biggest gifts I’ve received as a reader, while Frank Herbert scared me with how real Dune felt. Then you have Poe and Lovecraft who genuinely scared the crap out of me (Lovecraft being the only author whose work has given me livid and intense dreams). In addition, you have Tolkien and Lewis and Carroll and Milne who explore fantasy in such marvellous ways that it’s no wonder my TBR is ridiculous. But then you have the delight of meeting indie authors like Christie Stratos, Anaïs Chartschenko, Maricel Jiménez, Francisco Muñiz, Jack Cheng, Gabino Iglesias, Roger Jackson, Joshua Robertson, Lilian Oake, Joe Compton, Jason Greensides, AL Mabry, Heidi Angell, and countless others who are not just amazing writers, but friends. That’s a WHOLE other level of inspiration. When it comes to poets, Bukowski broke me a lot… his writing is the first that really shook me to the core with the I don’t give a f&%k attitude and holding no punches. As for historical figures, I like the unsung heroes quite often and people who threw caution to the wind in more than one way.


What sort of research do you do to write your books?

A repeating theme is that I vary my approach to each project exponentially. From research to how I go about writing the damn thing. Research can be superficial with only light notes taken while drafting an outline, it can be specific because I want to do justice to either science, technology, or history, or it can be a MASSIVE info dump of a word file that I read at my own pace in search of random miscellaneous points that connect within my story. For instance, finding something interesting in architecture can be put next to numerology, constellations, ingredients in a cake, pagan gods, or different styles of origami. Whatever feels right, I flow with and if the information doesn’t resonate, I either scratch it out (if it’s printed) or full on delete the information.

Why do you write? What inspired you to become a writer?

I’ll quote my bio for this one: as a kid I knew I wanted to be an inventor, I just didn’t know I’d want to do it using words. As for what inspired me to want to become a writer, reading did. Reading has offered many a definition of salvation but it also inspired me to pick up a pen/pencil and paper and see what happens… and I liked it so much I wouldn’t mind dedicating my life to it.

Roulette of Rhymes

What keeps you motivated during creative slumps? How do you deal with Writers Block?

Creative slumps are mainly due to lack of time/energy. Rarely is it because I don’t want to write or don’t have something to write or am blocked. For me, the main thing I do is work on several projects to try to make the most of my moods and available time and when something takes a hold I ride that story/poem/song as long as I can.

You have access to a time machine. What advice would you give to your younger self?

Depends on my age when I travel but here are a few:
• Stretch more often and do exercise to keep your back healthy.
• Don’t drink so much coffee.
• Get a big drawer for socks. You’ll know why.
• Also, don’t play basketball without ankle braces 😀

Shadow of a Human

How do you spend your free time when you are not writing?

Well as a writer, I do love reading, but apart from word related hobbies, I play the guitar, love going to the movies, love videogames, and if there are waves and I’m near the ocean, you can be dang sure I’ll be heading straight for a good surf, although I should clarify that I bodyboard. To me, it’s easier to learn and so much fun without the ego or cost of standup surfing 🙂

Tell us more about your upcoming projects. Are you working on anything specific or have plans in the pipeline?

The short answer is that I’m always working on something. The long answer includes a non-fiction I’m formatting (collection edited and formatted for the book form), another I’m editing (my NaNoWrimo project which means I need to give it a GOOD proofread before editing 2nd round), and one I’m pending to write (about writing tips). Other than that I’m working on 5 poetry collections to varying degrees, a sci-fi novella, and I’m compiling all the beta feedback of a middle grade fantasy about a boy who dreams about flying. In addition to these writing projects, I’ve begun distributing Estrada Crates, which is like a Loot Crate but with my books. I include my books, a personalized letter, a Post-It poem and as time passes I’ll try new and different things and offer those as well. In regards to the physical books (especially international readers that can’t get an Estrada Crate), I’m also referring everyone to Libros 787 which is a Puerto Rican owned business that is committed to getting books by Puerto Rican authors to the world. I’d rather the money go to them than fully to Amazon so I’m gifting an eBook to anyone who purchases my books on that website as well as MP3’s of demo songs I’ve recorded.

Finally, are there any nuggets of wisdom that you can impart to other aspiring writers?

Ah wow…I dunno about wisdom, but here goes. Follow your gut, follow your path, and listen to advice, while always filtering it through your own point of view. Learn, push yourself, believe what you feel, avoid taking things for granted, make the most of opportunities, and be willing to take risks, as big as investing money in your work and as simple (yet hard) as walking up to a bookstore manager to ask if you could coordinate an event. Practice discipline, expect no empathy/sympathy or special treatment, mind your manners, and ALWAYS be thankful and respectful. Success matters nothing if you’re a rude asshole. Also, be genuine, stay humble so life doesn’t make you humble, and don’t be pushy with your work. Spam is meant for piss poor cafeterias and questionable yet tasty recipes.

And that’s a wrap! 🙂 Thank you for stopping by JD and helping us to get more acquainted with your worlds of words, we can’t wait to explore every single one of your books 🙂

Bio:- (in his own words)

JD Estrada-3

“After years working in advertising, J.D. Estrada decided there were better ways to write fiction. Born on August 13th, he shares birthdays with Alfred Hitchcock and Fidel Castro… an interesting coincidence since his mom is Cuban and he loves a good story.

Truth be told, he always dreamt about being an inventor, he just didn’t know he’d end up doing it using words. Where some people choose to invent new products, he has chosen to invent worlds through words.

In college, he studied psychology for 3 years before he realized that if he finished, he’d need a psychologist for himself. Not being too enticed by the whole full circle nature of that trajectory, he switched to Marketing, Advertising… and Psychology. He just couldn’t let it go.

An avid reader of Science Fiction and Fantasy, throughout his life, he’s always loved writing and connecting with people. Mind you, although he loves those genres, his reading tastes are as eclectic as his musical passions. So from rock to salsa to classical music, he also reads and writes in a variety of genres and is just as satisfied writing a review or a poem as he is in writing his next novel. One of his blogs is called For Writing out Loud and on this blog he’s been able to connect to hundreds of fellow readers who share the passions of writing and connecting.

This obsession with the human aspect of who we are is deeply embedded in all his work and his first book is no exception. Though still starting its journey towards the top 100 Amazon books, Only Human is the first link within the Human Cycle, a three book exploration of humanity through fiction.

He is currently working on the second installment of the Human Cycle; a young adult adventure; a compilation of essays, poetry and short stories and consistently puts out free material on his blog and rants with zest on Twitter. He also has Instagram if you want to see what he’s getting up to or what delicious beer he may recommend.

His favorite band is Pearl Jam, he was born in Puerto Rico, he bodyboards and to him, playing a guitar is as therapeutic as a notebook. So by all means, visit, say hi and connect.

He hopes you are doing well and that you enjoy your visit to any of the literary planets he has lovingly crafted.”

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