Just get on with it! How to finish your book

An excellent collection of tips to help motivate you to finish your novel once you have started it from Crime Author Claire McGowan. I will certainly be taking note of these myself – hope you find them useful folks!

Me, but better

(You can also now listen to this or download it as a podcast! Fancy huh).

A few weeks ago I gave a talk to the London Writers’ Café (a great group, check them out!) about how to finish your book. I think this is an area that gets neglected sometimes. It’s easy to start, in a blaze of ideas and good intentions. You may even get as far as 30,000 words in with that initial burst, before running out of momentum. Before I managed to finish a book myself, I had countless false starts, where I would just give up on the book. I wish I’d known that it’s normal to run into problems at this stage– and also that these are very possible to fix.

I think the main reasons people don’t finish things are these:

  • Lack of time
  • Fear (of rejection, of hard work)
  • ‘Writer’s block’
  • Feeling…

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