Author Interview – Gabriele Russo – The “Gods Inc.” trilogy – “Incompetent Gods”, “Inclement Gods” and “Incoherent Gods” (Fantasy/Comedy)

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This is going to be my last post before the holidays kick off, so I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Have a fantastic time, enjoy your time with your family, friends and loved ones and I will be back again on 27th December with another Author Interview.

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Please let me introduce you all to author Gabriele Russo, as she talks to us about her fantasy Gods Inc. series and we find out more about her passions, inspirations and writing experiences.

Enjoy the show and have fun opening all your presents at Christmas, eat, drink, be merry and have a chilled time over the holidays. Thanks for reading 🙂


Hi there Gabriele, a real pleasure to have you with us here today to talk about your books and writing experiences.

Hi, very glad to be here.

Let’s start first with your novels themselves, the “Gods Inc.” fantasy series trilogy consisting of “Incompetent Gods”, “Inclement Gods” (both available now) and “Incoherent Gods” (due out in 2018). Please tell us more about their plots and themes, their quirky protagonists and how the books link with each other in the series.

Incompetent Gods is an evil-person-wants-to-conquer-the-world story. The twist is that the only gods who know there’s something wrong are too incompetent to stop it from happening. Inclement Gods is about a group of atheist terrorists who have found a way to kill gods and “Liberate humans from their yoke!” type thing – only you realize that they are only doing it to take the gods’ place. The two stories take place one after the other, and there are a few links, but they can work independently.

Incoherent Gods, except for featuring a lot of the same characters, stands a bit more apart. Instead of revolving around Gods Incorporated, it takes place in the Lemuria Zoo, which shelters divine flora and fauna. An ancient evil witch is turning gods crazy to blur the barriers between the world of the living and the dead in order to avoid going to the hell she deserves.

Queen Louhi, the CEO of Gods Incorporated, a mortal demigoddess turned vampire on a diet, and her bodyguard Andrew are the two main recurring characters. Louhi is the little dictator in me, she stands herself apart most of the time, but she’s also human, with human feelings and failings. Andrew reflects the part of me that feels I’m getting old, that the world is changing too fast, becoming too weird. He’s also got a bit of a temper, which I find amusing.

The gods are great fun to write, even though it can be hard to get into a god’s head – mostly I go a little sociopath. It didn’t start out that way, but Jupiter is now definitely my favorite; he’s just so dumb and goofy, and as the stories progress, he’s gaining an emotional dimension I wasn’t expecting.

Incompetent Gods_FINAL

If any of your novels were to be made into films (or even a TV series), who would you cast in the lead roles?

This is getting harder for me. Many of my favorite actors have passed away, and I don’t watch a lot of movies or TV, so the new generation is unknown to me.

Queen Louhi: Tilda Swinton.
Andrew: Alan Rickman would have been perfect, maybe Bill Nighy?
Ba’al: Patrick Warburton.
Jupiter: At first, I saw him looking like Patrick Swayze in Point Break, now I’m drawing a blank.
Goblin: Peter MacNicol.
Richard Clark: Robert Downey Jr.
Lara: Chiaki Kuriyama.

What would you choose as your own personal mascot or spirit animal when it comes to you and your style of writing?

It took me two days to figure out how to answer this question. I’m a turtle writer, but I don’t feel any particular affinity with turtles. Could an elephant help with my failing memory? Finally, as a cat person, I settled for Hobbes (from Calvin and Hobbes) – Louhi has a lot of Hobbes in her.

Incompetent Gods Quote

What do you think most characterizes or defines your writing? Do you have any writing quirks or themes that constantly crop up in your stories?

I think the fact that I’m a native French speaker who writes in English makes my writing a little different, even if I don’t notice it personally, except when I catch myself using a word in its French signification. My husband says I have a French accent when I write… but maybe he’s just hearing me read out in his head.

As for themes: one thing I hate about our world is how it’s always being manipulated by elites (all types and from both sides of the political spectrum). Why don’t crooked bankers go to jail? Why do governments bail out or subsidize corporations that still lay off workers while their executives award themselves huge salaries and bonuses? Why is it that if you steal a car, you go to jail for years, but if you bankrupt a company and its employees’ retirement fund, you get a big fat severance package? I do know the reasons, but I find it incredibly disturbing that we have been so conditioned as to accept their validity. Well, until our Democracies and the Rule of Law can be made to work for the actual people, at least in my world I can throw these guys into the scorpion pit.

What do you find the most difficult thing about writing? And what do you find the easiest?

The hardest thing is starting to write in the morning. Once I get going (especially on a first draft – that’s my easiest), it’s wonderful, but some days I can agonize over the same paragraph for hours.

Who are some of the authors, poets and/or historical figures that inspire you?

My apologies to all the poets out there, I’m really not into poetry. Historical figures: Hatchepsout, Cleopatra, Catherine the Great, Elizabeth I… Notice the theme? I think women make great rulers, when they get the chance.

Authors: Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Lewis Carroll, Rabelais, Umberto Eco, Anne Rice…the list is endless!


What sort of research do you do to write your books?

There’s a lot of mythological research, of course – finding the right god for the job, then discovering his or her personality between the lines. Also, having never worked in the corporate world, I often need to do some research about the lingo.

Why do you write? What inspired you to become a writer?

To be frank, I don’t know. I was taking a break from the restaurant business, and it seemed like a relaxing thing to do. Next thing I knew, I had written a novel. It was incredibly bad, but I got stubborn about it. I went back to university to learn how to write, and it clicked that this really was what I wanted to do with my life.

What keeps you motivated during creative slumps? How do you deal with Writer’s Block?

When writing isn’t working, I like to do manual things: I paint pictures or fix up the house. It helps clear my brain so that after a week or two, I naturally get the urge to start writing again.

You have access to a time machine. What advice would you give to your younger self?

To study something more practical than history, or later, not to abandon the foreign relations option. But to be frank, I don’t regret much in my past – whatever I’ve done, it’s taken me where I am today, and that’s not such a bad place to be.


How do you spend your free time when you are not writing?

When I’m not writing, like I said before, I’m either painting or taking care of the house. I play a lot of tennis, and I still try to do a barre every day, but it’s getting harder with each passing year.

Tell us more about your upcoming projects. Are you working on anything specific or have plans in the pipeline?

I’ve been working on translating my novels into French, now editing Incompetent Gods. I’m jotting down ideas for a fourth Gods Inc. novel. One project I’d like to revisit is an autofictional memoir type novel about my father who was a surgeon during WWII and one of the pioneers of reconstructive surgery. He was a pretty interesting man, and writing about him helps me get to know him better – he had me at 60, and passed away 18 years ago, so I feel I’ve missed a lot.

Finally, are there any nuggets of wisdom that you can impart to other aspiring writers?

Learn how to write: take a class, get an MFA, read books on the craft. Be ready to take criticism and find someone honest who knows what they are talking about to tell you if you should even be doing it. The publishing world is a hard place, be certain you have what it takes and are willing to put in the effort before you jump in.

And that’s a wrap! It has been a real pleasure having you here Gabriele, we look forward to spending some more time in your fantasy world having fun with the very Gods themselves 🙂

Thank you!


Gabriele Russo Author Pic

Gabriele Russo, AKA Lucie-Gabrielle Jolicoeur-Rousseau, was born in Quebec City amidst a family of book lovers – her father had dreamed of being a writer and both of her brothers are published authors.

Since she earned her Bachelor’s in History, it was no surprise (except to her) that she ended up working in restaurants, eventually owning two, which almost drove her mad. She sold them and was nursed back to pseudo-sanity by Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett.

That’s when she answered the family calling and decided to write. Armed with her ideas for the Gods Inc. series she went back to the University and got her Master’s in Creative Writing.

She now lives with her husband in Culpeper, Virginia, where she divides her time between painting, ripping apart and reconstructing her recently bought historical home, playing tennis and, of course, writing more books.

You can connect with her via the following Social Media channels:-

Facebook:- Gabriele Russo – Author (FB)
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Twitter:- @lugabirusso (Twitter)
Website:- The Website of Author Gabriele Russo

You can buy her books here:-

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