Poem / Poetry – “Room In My Heart For You”

Hello everyone.

I’ve been inspired to write an romantic/erotic piece (I can’t help it, after all I am a big softie just looking for love – sorry fellas, I promise to write a comedy piece next time!) after stumbling across the poetry powerhouse collective that goes by the name of “The Reverie”. 

Check them out here:- The Reverie – A Poetic Publication Journal

The prompt they have kindly provided consists of writing a poem using eleven specific words and I’m very pleased to announce that I managed to use every single one of them. *Does the funky chicken dance and sips a cup of victory tea*

The words chosen for the prompt are as follows:- Marrow, Fickle, Hibernation, Infect, Misinterpreted, Holistic, Sparrow, Nectar, Ancient, Ritual and Womb. Blimey.

(No, they didn’t choose ‘Blimey’ but just imagine if they had – that would have been brilliant! As it is though, what an eclectic bunch eh? A stimulating challenge indeed.)

So feel free to get stuck in below and I hope you enjoy it – comments are always welcome.

Wordle by The Reverie Journal

“Room In My Heart For You” by David Ellis

The raw excitement of your signature kiss
Passionate pulls of tenderness, pure paradise
Silent words breathlessly exchanged
Tasting your sweet nectar
Off ravenous lips and tongue

There’s always room in my heart for you
In this often fickle, misinterpreted world
When you’re around
Stars never seem to be far or to fade away
The moon refuses to lose its ancient, incandescent glow
Shining iridescent light brightly across your pretty face

A hedonistic ritual begins its inevitable journey
Hibernation from past mistakes and heartbreaks
No longer necessary
Fleeting memories best left forgotten, buried
For new feelings are stirring desires, deep within
Forging a strong bond, as maternity is to the womb

You infect my senses devilishly, coquettishly
With your exquisite, sensual scent
Peeled fruit, zesty
With a subtle hint of lasciviousness
Exuding delectable perfection
From every pore of your skin
All the way down to the magnificent marrow of your bones

For if a sparrow don’t know Jack
I sincerely know a holistic view such as this
There’s no such thing as excess
When it comes to loving someone
Sink or swim, you dive in
Indulging in mutual, euphorial adrenaline
That is the nature of the game
It is the very essence of why we play
Why we are such exotic, erotic creatures
And ultimately why love is so extraordinary

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21 thoughts on “Poem / Poetry – “Room In My Heart For You”

  1. uh… might I suggest that you not use the phrase: ‘erotic piece’ followed by: ‘I am a big softie’…
    Also, to my way of thinking, romantic and erotic are pretty hard to stick together and still stick the landing on. Erotic is usually as fancy way of saying you are going to use dirty words. Romantic is using clean words to conjure up dirty images. Two completely different art forms.
    All that being said, maybe I should read the poem before I go any further…
    Well, I will be blimey well hornswoggled! You did stick the landing… without getting to sticky… which is a sticky wicket, eh wot? You even managed to inject and infect some humor in there.

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