Poem / Poetry – “A Road Ravaged By Thoughts”

Hello everyone.

Welcome to Day One of NaPoWriMo – God help us all! Errrr I mean how wonderful!

(Did I get away with that – I think I did, the coast appears to be clear – moving swiftly on…..)

Yes I know I am a day late and a dollar short but I swear it was intentional, as now I can showcase some of my fellow writers below, so stay tuned for those too!

The Day One prompt can be found over at the official National Poetry Writing Month Website if you haven’t started yet and want to catch up – you don’t have to use it but I find that if you can incorporate it into your piece, that is what makes the challenge all the more fun. And bloody frustrating too!

NaPoWriMo.net – 30 Poems In 30 Days – Day One

So let’s get cracker lacking and kick things off with a poem influenced by the prompt of negation (which means that I have decided to go down the route of using negative language within the theme of my piece. If you don’t like dark then fear not for I’m sure many of my other poems this month will have a lighter, zestier disposition).

Enjoy folks and happy poetry writing!


“A Road Ravaged By Thoughts” by David Ellis

All that I believe in and all I am not
Pain follows a road ravaged by thoughts
Bridging the gap between existence and death
Rivers form seas as we take our last breaths

Never have I seen such a terrible, tragic waste
When loved ones are seized from us in their prime
Sometimes we don’t even get to say our goodbyes
So they sell us their memories, one at a time

We’ve got nowhere to run and nowhere to hide
Freedom of choice can often be a choice denied
Nothing is that simple with the world weighing down
Finding yourself is impossible if you don’t want to be found

Past and future can collide, become a blur
Neither here nor there, they both just merge
Yet death makes it possible for life to be a gift
As long as we accept consequences of our own actions

Nobody will blame you if you want to give up
Who are we to criticise, who are we to judge?
Things reach a point though where a stand must be made
To go out fighting just like our loved ones did, unafraid

So why don’t we continue to make them all proud
By doing no wrong on this path that is well-travelled
Heartache and sorrow may hinder us at first
Yet the triumph of human spirit gives wings to our words
Sending them to the heavens to the ones we adore
Connecting us to their gentle touch for now and forever

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27 thoughts on “Poem / Poetry – “A Road Ravaged By Thoughts”

  1. Thank you for the link too, I was captivated by the first few lines of your poem:

    “All that I believe in and all I am not
    Pain follows a road ravaged by thoughts
    Bridging the gap between existence and death
    Rivers form seas as we take our last breaths”

    Powerful and deep. Keep up the good work!

    • Hey there Lupita. You are most welcome, I am happy to be sharing the work of fellow poets throughout NaPoWriMo. I am so happy you liked my poem and am grateful for the comment. I look forward to enjoying more of your work throughout the month 🙂

    • Howdy Marilyn. Thank you for the comment. Sometimes I think we just want to escape from the world and hide while we deal with our feelings, especially if we are upset with life or are grieving for family. I wanted this to have an inspirational end though and am glad it inspired you to leave me a comment. I look forward to enjoy your work further too.

    • It is my honour Jane – I look forward to reading more of your work throughout the month 🙂 There are a ton of great stories in The Busker and I’m proud to be part of that collection, I’m sure you will find a lot of other talent there to savour for later 🙂

  2. Freedom of choice can often be a choice denied. Well said m’friend. I just started doing NaPoWriMo too, and the credit does go to you, been following this blog for a while. it’s quite amazing. 🙂

    • Thank you so much – you’re amazing too 🙂 Also I have to admit that I keep flipping back to your tale of Eggeo, time and time again that tale cracks me up, wonderfully written. I’m so happy you are starting NaPoWriMo and can’t wait to read your material 🙂

  3. Pingback: Who’s counting? | Unassorted stories

  4. I do look forward to some lighter poetry! I do like the road metaphors for life. And yes, we technically all have ‘choices’ but it is true we don’t always actually choose.. Thanks for the link, and I’m glad you joined my linky too!

    • Hey Kerridwen, it was my pleasure to join your linky thingy 🙂 – glad you liked my poem, I can’t wait to keep reading your gems throughout the month and hope you enjoy more of mine too 😉

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