Poem / Poetry – “Into The Stars”

Hey there esteemed readers.

Here is my post for NaPoWriMo Day 2.

The official prompt can be found over at:-

NaPoWriMo.net – 30 Poems In 30 Days – Day Two

I have used inspiration from the very stars and constellations themselves and the stories that they tell. Try that on for size, I dare you! (Please don’t, I could do without a lawsuit thank you very much)

Hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment below if you would like me to award you with a coveted gold star (sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

P.S. I will be periodically adding new links to the post for other NaPoWriMo poems that I find across the globe so feel free to revisit this post again soon 🙂


“Into The Stars” by David Ellis

As fish we drink the waters of the flood to save the world
We seek signs of salvation in everything, even boxes of cereal
Legends take pleasure in telling us the answers we think we need
But ask the right questions and you can avoid stampeding crowds

There are no stars burning brighter than intellect you display
You can be beautiful too but there is no need to be vain
A complex plot develops but the outcome is still the same
Die at the hands of pregnant precaution
Or embrace risk and live to fight another day

Advice should be heeded to prevent a heart of stone
A phoenix can only rise from the ashes of noble bones
Imitations may fool you with their vicious sleights of hand
Don’t let yourself be a target or bury your head into the sand

A tree bearing fruit cannot be pierced by sword or spear
An empty shell filled with passion will still make sounds divine to hear
Domesticated at birth does not mean sterile as an adult
Separate the animal from the rider, in order to channel sparks
There is much to learn below the horizon in the seas and in the skies
Descended from the very Gods and Goddesses themselves
We can be the ones to shine, we just have to believe in ourselves

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11 thoughts on “Poem / Poetry – “Into The Stars”

  1. This wants to be read slowly–so many standout lines, but this is my favorite: “A tree bearing fruit cannot be pierced by sword or spear.”

    • Thank you so much Jennifer – there is something delicious about that line, about the nature of creativity and how when it is pure or decent that nothing can harm it. Really glad you liked it 🙂

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