Poem / Poetry – “A World of Make-Believe”

Hello hello – it’s good to be back, it’s good to be back!

I meant to do something  on here over Crimbo but a lot of food and drink kind of piled up and got in the way.

I feel like I owe you a heartfelt apology for not posting over the holiday period, so here to deliver it is Father Jack, take it way Father:-

So did you all have a nice Christmas? Eat too much? Quaff a bit too much to drink? Get to spend some quality time with the family? It can be a bit of an ordeal can’t it, albeit a very pleasant one all the same.

For me it’s pretty much been “Merry Lie-In To Avoid The Impending Hangoveristmas” – so far this has worked like a charm and I got to see Ronin for the first time last night – it’s times like this when I really feel like I have achieved something!

Inevitably I’ve also been watching some Bond films too (I’m being patriotic, to me it is a British Institution). They have almost exclusively been with Pierce Brosnan and while I love them, I wish some of the double entendres were better, oh how I yearn for the glorious heyday of Connery & Moore. Thankfully we have the Bond 50 Box Set now in our clammy mitts, so I will have plenty of time to explore the golden era of Mr Bond.

Anyhoo enough shilly shallying and dilly dallying – on to today’s poem.


A World of Make-Believe (by David Ellis)

Shimmering like ancient crystals

Bluer than any teardrop of shame

Languid, luculent, lagoon pools

Of depth, character, purpose, aim

Flows that fleck, trickle and sparkle

Lofty ideals becoming generational

Solutions tendered, never simple

Off a duck’s back – no effect at all

Until you make it your business

Pleasure, pastime go hand in hand

Between a rock and a hard place

Mirroring a world of pretend

Never pays to keep things too safe

Don’t let boundaries pin you down

Better to risk your own disgrace

Or be in limbo, akimbo, aground

A lonely glance in an open field

Can at times speak volumes

Fading into the background

Until an opportunity blooms

We can all stand on the edge

Teeter tottering over the abyss

Disparity of defined decisions

A unique opaqueness occurs

But if one thing rings true

Summing up everything learned

Teacher or ardent pupil

This world can be absurd

But it grows on you


4 thoughts on “Poem / Poetry – “A World of Make-Believe”

    • Thank you Seyi, very kind of you to read my poem and comment, feedback is always warmly appreciated!

      I tend to write a new poem every week, so if you like this one then I’m sure you will like others I will post!


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