Poem / Poetry – “Be In Their Lives Today”

Hello and welcome to poetry Thursday.

Why is it called poetry Thursday I hear you ask?

No reason – it’s just a coincidence.

Today’s poem has a very specific theme around parenting.

If you have kids or don’t have kids but are a big kid yourself (I qualify in the latter category) then you should have a fabulous time.

For everyone else, I hope you indulge and celebrate the joy of the rhyme (because there’s bugger all else to do until Flash Fiction/Short Story time next week).

3,2,1, and….Enjoy!


Be In Their Lives Today (by David Ellis)

You roll the dice of life, sire a son or a daughter
Steer, navigate, through a sea of troubled waters
Invoking courage, discipline, avoiding serious scolding
Encouraging latent talents to keep unfolding, evolving

The awards they receive make you so pleased
Maybe one day they will dare to grow up to be
Everything you had hoped for, wished for or ever dreamed
Not a nightmarish caricature of evil or cartoonish beast

Splurging out on clothes and expensive I-Phones
Chasing latest fads because their friends said so
Your musical tastes are old-fashioned, you’re not cool
Why aren’t you more ‘down with it’ like kids at school?

First love blossoms, their teenage crush beckons
On standby to pick up the pieces at any second
University, job, marriage, a car, the housing ladder
Parent now grandparent, a new experiment in terror

But a funny thing happens, a transformation occurs
Time replaced with memories, hopes, dreams, purpose
All of the fears and frustrations fall away from the core
Living vicariously through younger lives, you feel reborn

You wouldn’t change it for anything in the world
When it’s good, you soar higher than the clouds
The smiles, laughter, the cherished looks on their face
Erases all the bad vibes of life’s unavoidable mistakes

A child will never ever be a means to an end
The journey matters more than the destination
Love unconditional, thick, thin, sorrow and regret
An experience those without can’t comprehend yet
Sometimes the breeding bit is the hardest part
The rest is just science


21 thoughts on “Poem / Poetry – “Be In Their Lives Today”

    • Hey there fella. Just making out with me muse Ol Betsy and that’s where it lead us! Also 2013 will be a musical year for young Paco at some point in the future, I can feel it in me water!

    • Thank you yes, I am very proud of that line, on first reading I thought the 2nd part sounded clumsy but I think there is a profound nature to it – it was “Most Excellent” and “Most Triumphant!” too 🙂

    • Excellent – it was my intention to write something that would mean something to people with children/grandchildren, so I’m glad it connected with you in this way Caroline. As for our place in society, I’ve realised that it is our duty to entertain the masses, it is our calling in life and I therefore try I try to do as much of it as possible. Be interesting to see which tangents the next ones go off on!

      • Ha ha. Love your theory. Well I’ve decided that as no-one reads my writing I am just going to go for it. I used to worry that I would offend or upset family but now I know better. So goodness knows where I am going next!

    • Thank you kindly for this Gemini – I’m going to have to build an Awards Page, so I can proudly display this on my online mantlepiece. Love your poetry, keep it coming as long as you possibly can!

  1. These lines of yours are so wise and honest.

    First love blossoms, their teenage crush beckons
    On standby to pick up the pieces at any second
    University, job, marriage, a car, the housing ladder

    Outstanding job…I hope that when I have kids myself one day…I shall be experiencing these steps of life’s blossoming experience. 🙂

    You have taught me a lot my friend…and I am blessed to be part of your friendship. 🙂

    I will be posting up my new blog today…sorry for the delay I had to attend matters to my girlfriends health.

    • Thank you for the kind comments Charlie on my poem, they are always very welcome and much appreciated.

      Would it amaze you to know that I don’t have children and yet still wrote this from the heart? I have had experience via nieces and nephews with a former partner but no children of my own. I wanted to write something that would connect on a strong level with parents and it seems to have worked out very well indeed.

      I look forward to your new blog post, I commented on the last one that you did as promised and I will do so again this time round (and all other subsequent times too!)

      My best wishes to your girlfriend, I hope she gets better soon, due to your attention to her well-being.

      Take care my friend and speak again soon.


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