Flash Fiction / Short Story – “A Breath of Fresh Air”

Hello people – how the devil are you?

I’ve got a short one for you today – very short, I’ve only ever written one other like this to date.

[The Short, Short Version!]

The prompt was “Turning Over A New Leaf” and I was only allowed to use 150 words (excluding the title).

So I wrote 150 words right on the button – I think this one crosses genre realms into sadness and horror – so  a nice cheery upbeat one for you today!


A Breath of Fresh Air (by David Ellis)

Darius wished he could make it stop.

The relentless beat, the tick tocking, drip dripping of the clock – water torture in digital form.

You turn over a new leaf to rectify wrongs, make your life simple again and discard the complicated shell your existence has become.

But time marches on with no care for whom it leaves in its wake.

Darius had turned over many leaves and left no stone unturned. He had begun to lose touch with his identity, he no longer could identify with who he really was.

He knew he had a sense of purpose, a reason to live for, a driving force, ambition to take his life forward, to create, to….his thoughts started meandering off in tangents.

There’s no cure for this, there’s no………

Darius looked at the clock by his bed.

There was something there before but now……

Darius wished he could make it stop.


8 thoughts on “Flash Fiction / Short Story – “A Breath of Fresh Air”

  1. I love Flash Fiction and used to write a lot of it, something I must start to do again.

    Nice little piece, enjoyed it..x

    • Thank you very much – very kind of you to say so. It can be difficult to keep doing it regularly but I relish a challenge – you should definitely start doing it again, I would look forward to reading it!

      • Why thanks.. I do have some archived stuff I may put out and start new blog for as it is very far from erotic…xx

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