Poem / Poetry – “We’re Not Chasing Rainbows Anymore”

Hey hey – it’s Thursday! And you kids know what Thursday means right?

Of course you do – it’s two for one pizza night.

Sorry, that’s Tuesday.

So…..what the hell is Thursday again? Oh of course, poetry, what a tool I am.

And to think, I’ve only been doing this for weeks.

This time round, your rhyming hero (no, not the Wu-Tang Clan, me, me!!!) has decided to write something a little romantic to warm the cockles of your heart (aaahhhh I hear you cry…….wait, no, are you actually crying? Surely my monologue ain’t that bad…Sheeesh!)

So, please let me unveil this labour of love and I hope you all like it enough to comment.

Thanks for stopping by friends, as always I remain your humble scribey scribbler – enjoy.

We’re Not Chasing Rainbows Anymore (by David Ellis)

Entranced by her measured, wayward glance
A romantic bullet shoots deep into my heart
While I’m vulnerable, exposed, a target
She’s a gazelle frolicking in the forest

Bathing in this electric atmosphere
A mysterious creature with an agenda
Falling madly in love with her vibrant nature
Dangerous when ardour is the negotiator

Her arm brushes briefly against mine
Soft as a feather, tethered, entwined
The nape and glorious shape of her neck
Makes me shiver, quivering on the vine

We gather our drinks to aid courage
Smiling a mile wide, while our eyes collide
Hearts fluttering, erratic butterflies
Diving headlong into this tumultuous ride

Babbling like brooks to each other’s ocean
Ties that bind, drive our lustful emotions
Speech flows errantly, frothy, no longer raw
We’re not chasing rainbows anymore

Fragments of our once empty lives
Now filled with colour, texture and spice
Peppered, wild, on fire, invoking the spirit
Dirty essence of aloneness now banished

Will this relationship serve its purpose?
Take us to far away, exotic places
Seeds, foundation, potential are all there
Ingredients required for a thrilling adventure

And if change were to rear its ugly head
After years passed, marked, full of promises
Seize each other and don’t look back
For time is the enemy of a bitter man

If you revere her, the world is your oyster
Remember what brought you here
Let her love refill your endless reservoir
And I guarantee you’ll adore each day more
Or your money back


9 thoughts on “Poem / Poetry – “We’re Not Chasing Rainbows Anymore”

  1. Stunning! Absolutely stunning! The first four stanzas are my favorite. If I could, I’d steal just to have them 😉 Just a joke. In S4, L4 ‘Collide’ seems to be your alternative from the cliches used already. It’s great idea considering the ‘action’ within. Good job, David.

    • Such ineffably positive praise my dear friend Uzoma, thank you. I am filled with such joy when I create poetry, I hear the music and the rhythm and let it take me, I transcend to these beautiful places, it is truly a magical experience, even when I am labouring over the most perfect words to use. Your support means the world to me, I am always glad when you hear the words, as it gives them purpose. Have a great weekend my fellow writing amigo!

      • Gracias, amigo. Your writings reflect that joy. You love to create a lot and you do that so nicely. That’s a true writer for me!

    • How sweet, thank you Patricia, I always swell with pride when I write a poem that fires up the interest of others such as yourselves 🙂 If you like this then I’m sure you will have fondness of some of my other works. I cannot wait to comment on some of your beautiful posts, which I will get round to in the near future – you can count on it 🙂

    • Thank you again for your kind comment – as you yourself are a legendary poet and someone that I look up to as a peer, it is lovely to hear praise from you regarding my work – I appreciate your generosity.

      • omg me a peer….lol….you my dear are far beyond any talent I could hope to have…but to be gracious I will bow and humbly say….thank you…it means a LOT coming from you.

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