Flash Fiction / Short Story – “No End In Sight”

Hello dear friends, welcome to the Story Emporium.

I’ve written you all another tale, this one definitely has a horror vibe to it.

The prompt was “Green Light” and initially I was going to enter a Flash Fiction Competition but alas all I could think of was the Red Light/Green Light bit in this:-

[Red Light! Green Light!]

I subsequently missed the bleeding Competition Submission Entry window because I had the Tom Cruisemeister fighting a helicopter in my brain and the magical story fairy wouldn’t visit but was happy to sit back eating popcorn.

I then came up with the idea of an entirely different storytelling experience altogether a week later because creativity likes to be reliable like that, as I am sure you are all aware.

So, enter at your own peril and abandon hope all ye who enter here.

I’m joking of course – enjoy the show!


No End In Sight (by David Ellis)

She was all up in his grill.

He could feel her hot breath, as she moved in closer and closer.

He felt her invading his personal space in the same creepy familiar way that she always reserved for these encounters but right now there was nothing he could do about.

He was helpless, powerless, rooted to the spot.


Click click.

It took him all of his considerable willpower not to snigger in her face.

He knew that such insolence would not go down well and he would possibly be punished for this behaviour. The ritual however was so bizarre that the absurdity of it all made him want to throw caution to the wind and allow himself the luxury of a surreptitious guffaw.

Focusing harder in the ghoulish semi-darkness and attempting not to look directly at her, he began pretending that she was a snake headed viperous Medusa but in spite of these efforts, his eyes were inevitably drawn magnetically back to her commanding presence.

“Look at me Hector! Look at me!” She clicked her fingers at him impatiently.

Hector reluctantly complied with the request.

“That’s good, there’s a good little boy.”

She had blown in his eye earlier.

Right in the socket.

It had made him very uncomfortable and he had heroically fought the urge to weep.

But he had to tough his way through this. He was a man. And real men don’t cry. Real men bleed and bury their feelings. His mind began to wander. He wondered if he was strong enough to endure this torture.

As time dragged on, she made things even more uncomfortable for him. His vision had begun to blur and she continued to encourage this further.

More questions. More clicking. More gadgets and devices to cause him distress and discomfort.

But nothing could prepare him for the final question she posed:-

“Green or red?”

“I don’t know.”

“Come on Hector, you can tell me and this will all be over soon.”

“Green or red?”

It’s a trick! “Neither!” he replied smugly.

“OK then, everything still seems to be the same. I guess you’re free to go.”

Hector made a run for it and then stumbled out into the light outside, blinking furiously.

Hector had made it out of there this time with everything intact but next time, he might not be so lucky.

A woman approached him at the entrance of the building.

“How did it go? No glasses?”

Hector shook his head.

And with that he took his Mother’s hand and they headed off home.


21 thoughts on “Flash Fiction / Short Story – “No End In Sight”

    • Most kind of you to say so my friend, I am most grateful that you took the time to read it for me. I am particularly proud of the twist, I like how most things build up to a climax in a horror tale, whereas this has horror that builds up and then turns into something else entirely!

  1. It works. As with a joke, expectations are everything.

    We make erroneous assumptions and are confronted with a smackdown when forced to see how wrong and lazy our trusted brains can be.

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