Daily Prompt – Choose Your Adventure – “The Consequences of Time – I Need Your Help!”

Daily Prompt – Choose Your Adventure
by Michelle W. 6/02/2013

“Write a story or post with an open ending and let your readers invent the conclusion.”

Thanks for the great idea, warturoadam77p!

The adventure begins…….


The Consequences of Time – I Need Your Help!

“Thank God you are here – I need your help.

Yes – you! You’re coming along with me for this adventure, whether you like Dr Who or not!

This is my second attempt heading through the time cycle – things didn’t go too well for me the first time round, so I had to hit the reset button.

These reset button are a one shot deal – they take an enormous amount of energy. My machine doesn’t have any more charges left in it for a third run. We only have 24 hours left before we’re transported back permanently and this is why I need your help.

I know we have to alter key events, in order to save the fate of the world, all of which are tied to my own life.

After my first unsuccessful run, I’ve realised that we only have time to influence three of the six key events before we have to travel back in time and face the consequences.

These events are:-

a). Switching a newspaper for one containing fake stories in a murder trial investigation.
b). Saving a young girl from a burning building.
Burning Building
c). Stopping a wedding.
Nice day for a White Wedding...maybe not
d). Cover up of a political scandal.
Political Scandal
e). Preventing a sportsman from ending his career with drugs.
Political Scandal
f). Convincing a world renowned surgeon to stay on at a hospital.
Political Scandal

Which three do we choose to resolve, how do we deal with them and what is their ultimate consequence for us both?

Our fate and the fate of the free world now lies in your capable hands – I’m counting on you hero, don’t let me or yourself down!”


Now here comes the fun part.

You can choose your own adventure and fill out the Comments section below.

The best ones may be able to be developed into a novella in the future, which I would be happy to acknowledge you in its creation (or vice versa if I have inspired you!)

I used to read these types of stories years ago (Fighting Fantasy – Steve Jackson & Ian Livingstone), so who knows, maybe I will have to have a whole spin-off series of Choose Your Adventure stories in the future!

Of special worthy note – Edward Hotspur has written a truly excellent “Choose Your Own Adventure” story, one of the best I have ever seen on a blog and very funny to boot. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present:-

Start Here! Granite Countertop, Private Eye in Hall of Madness: A Choose Your Own Blog Adventure! | Edward Hotspur

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12 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – Choose Your Adventure – “The Consequences of Time – I Need Your Help!”

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  2. We have to convince the surgeon to stay on first, because he will be needed to save the girl we rescue from the burning building. Then we’ll need to keep the athlete from using drugs and throwing away his career, because he needs to end up meeting the girl. Their child, fascinated with both the mechanics of sports and fire from a very young age and encouraged to delve ever deeper into the science behind both, changes the course of the world’s destiny by discovering how we can travel faster than the speed of light…

    That’s rough, very rough… but there may just be something there.

    • Great work Matt and thank you for participating – that ties the elements together very nicely (I’m really loving how you came up with the concept of the time travel in the story, woven in very well), I’m very impressed. I definitely think that you do have something there – this is the kind of amazing stuff that could work well with NaNoWriMo. I can see potential for development here and will have to play more of these participation games in the future!

  3. Dr Cutitall has had the hots for Nurse Titzling for a long time, but feels inadequate to ask her out to dinner. Throwing caution to the wind, he enters a cross-country cycle race to impress her. Knowing he has no chance against the professionals, he takes massive doses of steroids, which have some unfortunate side-effects. He comes a respectable third, which does, indeed, make Nurse Titzilng swoon.
    However, Cutitall develop a very short temper and unfortunately becomes impotent. His life as a lover and as a surgeon is over. Titzling can’t understand the sudden change in her favourite doctor, who now has made up his mind to follow a career in politics. This, in turn, convinces her to rather accept the advances of Speedo Seabourne, the single-parent surfer, who has tried to date her in the past.
    Cutitall hears about this, and in a fit of jealous rage, stalks the two lovers wherever they go. When he peers through the window and sees how Titzling succumbs to Speedo’s advances, he sets the house on fire, not even caring about the little one asleep upstairs.
    Her screams brings him back to reality and he dashes throough the flames to save her.Staggering back with the girl in his arms, the badly burnt Cutitall barely makes it to safety. He hands her to Speedo, collapses at his feet. Before he is rushed to the Burns Unit, he tells Titzling he’s sorry. Poor Nurse Titzling will never recover from the shock and ends her life as a lonely spinster. Speedo becomes so obsessed with his daughter’s safety, that he never lets her out of his sight. In her teens, she slips away from home one night, to spend some time with Fingers de Caprio, the son of the Mafia boss. She falls pregnant, of course. Speedo has to give his reluctant consent to the wedding.

    Sooo – go back in time. Tell Cutitall to cut it out, be brave enough to ask Titzling to a proper date, and presto! The doctor will have a brilliant career, there’s nobody to set the house on fire, and the bad marriage won’t happen. Oh, and Cutitall won’t become the governor (the story of his brave dash to save the girl was tweaked to gain the sympathy of the voters), which means he won’t be able to swing the vote in congress to attack North Korea. Or Pakistan. Or Iran. (You can use a bit of fictional discretion here).
    There. You’ve saved the world.

    • Wow – absolutely incredible! Your response is simply superb, I enjoyed it so much I had to re-read it a couple of times, very enjoyable with colourful story elements. The names of the characters are both brilliant and amusing, plus they suit the setting well. Also you get extra creative points for naturally causing more than three elements to be resolved. It is an honour to have this on my blog Amos and I sincerely hope that more people get to read it. I will certainly be encouraging them to read it and to go to your blog/read your stories too!

  4. We tell the groom that his bride to be has been cheating on him with the athlete. The groom leaves his ‘cheating’ bride and then tries to run athlete off the road critically injuring him. Only the surgeon can save his live. Realizing his value in the world he decides to stay on at the hospital.

    • Fantastic! I love this game, I’m going to have to play it some more! Thank you for participating, I think that will make a really great story, I can see real potential in developing it further. Marvellous.

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