NaPoWriMo – A Poetic Duet With A Shade Of Pen – “Destiny’s Kiss”

Looking back, over my shoulder
Objects are closer, than they appear
Then I realise, I’m driving backwards
Silly sausage

Hello friends and welcome to this wonderful, fabulous place, this Palace of Poetic Endeavour, with me, your host, the pet worshipping, biscuit adoring, tea guzzling, rhyming madman!

It is Day 5 of NaPoWriMo (or National Poetry Writing Month to those who like me to have to type additional word count) – they have come up with another inspired prompt, which can be found here:-

NaPoWriMo Day 5

So what have we got for you little munchkins today? Well I was going to follow the prompt (but I decided to abandon it because I’m a rebel Dotty) and also because I had the splendidly good fortune of being able to work with one of my favourite and extremely talented duet partners.

May I present A Shade of Pen and her marvellous blog over at A Shade Of Pen – A journey of exploration of my ownself and yours as well!

She writes the most amazing poetry and stories, she will keep you entertained for hours, so if you don’t subscribe to her blog, then get over there now and make up for lost time.

(Or feel my wrath! But let me finish this tea first. And I have another one brewing. Just do me a favour and go take a look eh? Thank you, you won’t regret it.)

Here it comes then everyone, we hope you love this offering, in honour of NaPoWriMo forever and your comments are always most welcome.

[Inspired by Doris Day and Que Sera Sera –

“Destiny’s Kiss” by TooFullToWrite & A Shade Of Pen

The music speaks volumes
There is no discernible sound
Why am I constantly humming
Unknown tunes that are so profound

The slumbering beast now awakened
Destiny softly approaching
Swift decisions must be made
Anxiety grips, I fear I’m too late

Time sleeps for no-one
Cracks in reality seep through
Tiny little fingers of light
I am dazed and confused

Choices evolve, tempting a lurid fate
The more I resist, the harder the pain
I must remain strong, true to myself
Why should life follow such a rigid path?

A cacophonic symphony tries to pacify
But the beast roars so horrendously
Questions galore, feature prominently
Mind baffled, battered, corrupted
My harmony once again is disrupted

Every night I look in the mirror
Stumbling across fragments
Of the same tragic answer
Yet to start a different adventure
Means unravelling previous endeavours

Far ahead in the witching hour
I stare in the abyss of nothingness
Even though it’s pitch dark outside
The stars don’t stop their ravishing shine
Complementing the stunning moonlight

The future seems brighter, crystal clear
To conquer destiny’s tender kiss of death
I must learn to love her and vanquish all fear
Only then will I become someone to revere

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