Daily Prompt – The Right To Health – Poem / Poetry – “A Public Toast To Your Health”

Daily Prompt – Right To Health
by Michelle W. on February 7, 2013

“Is access to medical care something that governments should provide, or is it better left to the private sector? Are there drawbacks to your choice?”

Interesting prompt today.

I can see why some people don’t want to get involved
It is a very tricky and controversial subject
But I’m a maverick
We need a poem for today
So, my hat is going into the ring
Here’s my opinion
I think we shouldn’t get rid
Of healthcare from the government
And despite the political spin
I hope you still enjoy my rhyming!


A Public Toast To Your Health (by David Ellis)

There is an argument here, for and against
Public vs private, your health in the balance
You can ignore the government hand out
And pay with money from your own belt

I would gladly sacrifice more tax in my salary
Ensuring the privilege did not stay only with me
As if I’m employed then I consider myself lucky
I’m in a position to cover myself financially

Since if the shoe was on the other foot
How are you going to afford private?
If you lost everything, your job, home, your family
Where’s your guarantee that things will be alright?

Shouldn’t be trapeze artists with no nets
Daredevils flying against life’s wind with no sails
Competition among privates means better services
But it’s going to be of ill use if you can’t afford it

We all grow old and get weak before we die
Life could be taken from us at a moment’s notice
Why make things more complicated
By removing one in favour of fiscal merits

Yes there are queues on the NHS (or Medicaid in the US)
Because many need help that they sorely cannot get
If you take that away from them and hand them a bill
You give them a whole new, desperate kind of peril

We need a foundation to fall back upon
It’s money well spent knowing that
Others less fortunate may benefit
Even if we don’t regularly use it

So why not run both, then everyone wins
With you helping out your fellow human beings
To me that has got to be the greatest feeling
To have and not need, until the time is right
A consequence of saving lives


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12 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – The Right To Health – Poem / Poetry – “A Public Toast To Your Health”

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  3. Haha wow I love the format! Isn’t there a name for that sort of argument – that if you had yet to be born (and didn’t know how wealthy you’d be) you would prefer to be born in a society with universal healthcare?

    • Thank you for the nice comment. I think I know what you are driving at, to me healthcare should be a basic human right, no-one deserves to die of poor health simply because they are poor. I’m not against private healthcare at all but I really don’t think it should replace public healthcare, private can be utilised by the wealthy and those who can afford it but should not be forced upon others. Hope you enjoy other works of mine, drop by any time!

    • You’re welcome. I cannot help but express how I truly feel on this particular subject and I’m very fond of poetry, so I think it worked out well. I’m happy that you enjoyed it, I write new poems every week, feel free to drop by any time!

    • Thank you for the praise Yen-Yen, it is very kind of you and very much appreciated. I think all writers have a talent for poetry, they just have to embrace the nature of rhyme and rhythm then couple it with their feelings – when they do that then really good things happen!

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