Another Avenue for Writers to Publish Their Stories & Poetry – Readwave

Hello people of the blogosphere.

You’re all looking particularly spiffing today.

Is that a new hat?
Shade of eyeliner?
Lucky mole?

You haven’t washed your hair today? Oh OK.

Looks nice on you though, regardless.

Now on to business.

I’ve been informed by a lovely young lady named Nyasha about a new platform called Readwave that promotes Short Stories and Poetry.

You can also upload parts of your Novel(s) but the medium is more suited to smaller pieces, since they will be formatted to be viewed on mobile devices (you can still read stories on your desktop too though).

Nyasha is a fellow WordPress blogger, she speaks Japanese, is a keen gamer and posts entertaining articles on a variety of topics – you can find her blog here:-

NyNyOnline Blog

Since I am keen to share creativity advice and help people to grow their own audience wherever possible, I was very keen to take a look and upload my own material to this new platform because:-

a). I wanted to test it before sharing it with you all and;
b). I’m greedy.

Here is a copy of the Press Release that was supplied to me giving further details (please use Adobe Reader to open it, FoxIt Reader threw a hissy fit when I tried it):-

Readwave Press Release

Their website is – I’ve signed up myself under TooFullToWrite, it is free to create an account.

I’d be interested to hear what you other fellow writers and poets think about this particular medium. Since joining, I have already attracted some new interest. My personal attitude is that if you have published stories on a blog, you may as well share them elsewhere to build your following.

Furthermore Short Stories are very difficult to find a publisher for, unless you create a collection and even then you usually have to be a well read/established author in order to sell them. Better therefore to offer up samples of your work, in order to lead people to your collections/established works elsewhere, not that I’m an expert or anything 🙂

You retain the copyright to your work that you post to the site and are able to take it down at any time.

I’m still committed to my WordPress blog, so all of my comedy/humour articles and poetry will continue to be available on my blog, along with stories, which I will continue to publish here first.

Feel free to drop me a comment regarding your own personal experiences but I sincerely hope that this ends up being instrumental in giving you all more the exposure that you deserve.

Thank you for your time and stay tuned for more entertainment coming your way soon.

I remain your humble jesterman, for now, ever and always



16 thoughts on “Another Avenue for Writers to Publish Their Stories & Poetry – Readwave

  1. It looks really interesting

    I also have been publishing on BrooWaha- 5,000 reads on my blog in a year( I did not use connections till sept,) BUT 54,420 reads on BrooWaha since September-

    if you are interested, they are always advocating good writers

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