Poetic Duet With HastyWords – Poem / Poetry – “Seductive Nature”

Hello my friends.

I’ve got something really special for you all.

My first ever poetic duet – what an experience!

I made this piece with a brilliant, prolific poet called Hastywords, (if you haven’t heard of her then go here now, go go go!)


She has written so many superb poems that I think you will be hard pressed to find any that won’t immediately become your favourites.

Her photography is very striking and original too – I’m sure you will be impressed with her work.

Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, may I proudly present this gem, I love it very much and I hope you all will too.

Seductive Nature

Seductive Nature (by TooFullToWrite & Hastywords)

So near and yet so far, pleasures and perils
The subtle allure of nature, no more rehearsals
To be a part of history, a fierce connection
A seductive sea of tranquillity, oceanic perfection

I want the world to love me, the beautiful disaster I am
Forget about the human race, make me shine like the sun
To be a part of the mountains, soaring high into the clouds
A beautiful wave crashing, washing onto pebbled beaches

If I dare to slow down, I will lose all sense of momentum
Courage now an obligation in the face of raw redemption
To be a part of what was, what is and what will be
An elegant aquamarine dream sweeter than potpourri

My tears a sweet flowing rain that heal the deepest seas
My life yearning to soar like feathers in a gusty breeze
I am the conduit that connects the earth to the heavens
The passion I have to be part of the beauty I see

Spreading the angelic wings of my once cluttered mind
Beating a path through this world, rhythmically defined
With each delicious breath, calmness anchors my soul
Where once was complete chaos, now there is control

Harnessing energy from the earths balanced center
I visualize my core a pillar of strength, a cornerstone
Time has no more boundaries, it simply overflows
Pouring ancient wisdom into my malnourished soul

Until unequivocally, I finally understand who I am
No more an enigma, enigmatic with purpose, plans
A seasoned veteran full of panache, verve and style
No holding back or running scared, this river is wild


10 thoughts on “Poetic Duet With HastyWords – Poem / Poetry – “Seductive Nature”

    • I just read your duets with Joe – I’ll comment personally on your blog, they are fantastic. After the wonderful experience with Hastywords, I think I am going to have to team up with other poets, it is so much fun and the results are to die for!

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