Poem / Poetry – “Blowing The Lid Off Of This Pyramid”

Greetings lovers of the written verse!
And prose so pretentious good it hurts!

I’ve decided to participate in NaPoWriMo this month (that’s National Poetry Writing Month in longhand peeps), so you’ll be seeing an awful lot of poetry flying around bedecking these hallowed halls.

Think of me as toilet papering but with poetry…

OK, now that I’ve got your attention, having suitably repulsed you in order to be memorable, now think of me as the Andrex Puppy of toilet papering.

Is that better, sunshine? Yes?


Can’t argue with puppies.

I posted a poem yesterday (it counts!) that I’ve also tagged (“A Diverse Culture”), so that pretty much kicked me off on this keeerrazy pumping out poetry daily path, for better or worse (hopefully better but I’ll let you be the judge of that).

[It Counts, Count!]

So look out y’all – the poetry train’s a comin’ baby, yeehaw!

And now without further ado, here is today’s little ditty inspired by the prompt of lying (I kid you not!)

Source:- Wikimedia Commons

Blowing The Lid Off Of This Pyramid (by David Ellis)

When you’re tempted to attempt a lie
A door opens swiftly to the other side
Slippery slope, giving yourself rope
To hang yourself out high and dry

When you go to pull the wool over
An unsuspecting victim’s eyes
A deal has already been made
Confidence has been betrayed

Circumstances can otherwise dictate
The path you have decided to take
But no matter how white it all seems
Can’t wash this dirt, it never gleams

Con Men and confidence tricksters
Get my knickers all up in a twist
And those Ponzi scheme guys
Can go stick it up their Sphinx

Scam artists that con old ladies
Into giving up their life savings
Put them in a boat, no sails or oars
Float into a lake full of piranhas

Nowadays, can’t trust our meat or fish
Got no knowing what we could be getting
Clueless detectives with many red herrings
At least, that’s what it says on the tin

So if you’re going to blow smoke up
A passage where angels fear to tread
Spare a thought for whom you try to kid
Because we’re all on to you now my friend

We’re blowing the lid off of this pyramid
Didn’t fix it properly in the first place
That’s ancient Egyptian builders for you
As is often the case with real estate

Don’t know what you’ve got until it breaks
Although to be fair they were slaves
So don’t be a slave to the system
Always check the paperwork on everything
Especially when you’ve been drinking


And if that isn’t enough for you (as Sully Erna would say – “You greedy little babies!” – click here Godsmack – Greed) then why not read another poem that I wrote called “The Lies That We Tell Our Children”.

You’re welcome.


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